Wahey, I've won the premium bonds!

£25 on its way to me. I’ll be able to buy a new cushion.

That reminds me, need to cash ours in and re purchase newer they are, the more likely they are to win, although as it’s supposed to be random not sure how that works, does seem to though! been ages since we won, there was a point when we won every other month for about a year - got more than you would in interest from the bank!

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It’s bizarre the way it works. I took all mine out and reinvested in one lump, but I still never win anything like as much as my mother in law who has the same amount as me, but in two lumps instead of one. She’s just luckier than me.

But the Premium Bonds is about as close to gambling as I ever get. My OH and me open the app with the prizes/results simultaneously every month (we usually say we’re staying in for Agent Million on the day, but somehow s/he never calls on us!)

Well done Florence. Shame it wasn’t the big one, but maybe one day!!!


Nice one Florence

a win is a win

have fun


I won £25 a few years ago.

I wonder what I spent it all on?

Well done you! You’re going to have lots of friends now.

Congratulations. Can I have your address so I can send you my begging letter?



Durer Towers

East Cheam

Please enclosed a SAE for my response.

Jolly kind of you Mr D. You’ll have my begging letter by Monday. I’ll include my bank details etc so you’ll know where to deposit the funds.

Sue (x) (just in case that helps)

Awesome news, just think of all the lovely things you can buy.

OK - so you all know the details of this cushion, and to clarify things for all those sending me their bank account details; the cushion is actually for my cat Rosie. I promised her a new cushion ages ago. It’s got to be a big square one she can snuggle up on and go to sleep. It’ll stop her sleeping on my pillow (hopefully), and with the price of things these days I reckon it’ll cost about £24.99.

You can all fight over the penny change!


I’ve heard this too but don’t see how…

How can she have two lumps? I don’t know how it works because this is my first experience wit premium bonds.

Hubby has them too but he never won anything.

Don’t let it change your life, Florence. :slight_smile:



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All I meant was that she put a sum of money in at one time and then topped it up later with another sum. You can only have one Premium Bond account (although National Savings do other products, like bonds and other stuff I don’t really understand!). And only up to the maximum amount. I’m not by any means an expert investor, as I said before, I am Mrs Risk Averse. So any money I have I want kept nice and safe and with the chance of winning some money from it!! We do win quite often, but not every month. Sadly. But it’s a little flutter of excitement every month, did I win? Did Mr Sssue? How much more than me did my MIL win!! Next month it will probably be your husband’s turn. (By the way, we opened a separate bank account and we pay all our Bond winnings in, over a few years it can mount up to quite a bit so it seems like instead of winning £25 here and there, we’ve managed a small pile of ££s!) Sue

Fab news xxx

I have put some money in recently (minimum amount over about 3 months) and not won a penny in any of the draws. I had some go in about 10 years ago and it won once in it’s first draw. Still waiting for the big one!

It all helps… I won £9.50 on the euro lottery… 3 numbers and a star… Lousy, isn’t it…???

it is still a WIN Mick

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Not the greatest win in the world!