Checked my email.........

Can’t have been me who won the Euro lottery as I haven’t received an email telling me so.

Oh well bang goes the trust funds I planned to set up…and the money gifts I planned to give…and the new house I planned to build…and the new car I planned to drive…and this…and that

Jan x

Hmmm. Looks like I can’t even play tonight - there’s something the matter with the site. Twice I’ve got to the “buy now” button, but the transaction has not gone through.

The first time it came back with some kind of proxy error, the second time it said my session had timed out (can’t have done - I’d only just signed in).

Logic is telling me this is Fate’s way of saying: “Don’t waste your money on this - you never win anything anyway!”

It seems to have gone through now - at the third attempt! Of course, I’m imagining one of the two abortive tries would have been the numbers that won it. I’m buying Lucky Dip, so you don’t get to see the numbers 'til you’ve already paid, so I’ll never know if I would have had a win. That’s probably a mercy, because imagine the feeling of realising you’d had the winning numbers - just before the website threw you out and stopped you paying for them!

As for the Euromillions - I seriously wouldn’t know what to do with £93M anyway. I think £1M would be sufficient to cover the rest of my life without having to worry. Beyond that, I think I’d die with most of it still unspent.



yep i’m the same saying that i received an email last week , said it will be for three pounds, and guess what £3

yes 1m would be nice but think of the good you could do with 93 million

I only put the Euro on how and again, when they put the lotto up to £2.00 a week I decided to cut back and it was the Euro that suffered. 93 million is an awful lot but I’m sure it wouldn’t take me long to give most of it away. Trust funds for my son and his family, a million to every family member and to close friends, a reduced amount to ex work friends, lots to charity, my sons partners family, my ex (I’m obviously mental) and his family…the list is endless

Like you Tina the portion I kept for myself would probably go unspent, a year long cruise sounds tempting till the dust settles and everyone has gone back to the hum drum routine of daily life.

Jan x

Any time I’ve got a “you’ve won!” envelope through from ERNIE I’ve had a little heart flutter moment wondering if the cheque’s going to be for a million, £100’s the most that I’ve ever got though. When people ask that question of, “what would you do if you won a million?”, my answer’s always nothing, at first. Just bask in the glow of knowing you have no more immediate financial woes.

Actually, for a big premium bond win do you think they just send a cheque quietly through the post, with no drum rolls or other hoohar? I fear million pound cheques can only physically come in that economy size that requires cheesy presentation

Tina, at least the lottery site hadn’t ended up doing that thing that can happen with online purchases. You’re getting messages telling you the transaction failed so you try again, when it actually has gone through and you end up buying the thing multiple times. Not a big deal with a lottery ticket, but not funny when it’s something more expensive.

Hi, nice thinking about what you`d do with the money if your numbers came up big time!

17 years ago, I got 5 numbers, twice with the national lottery.

I remember the feeing well, as each number pops up and it agrees with your`s. Excitement, disbelief, nervousness, scaryness!

The first win was for £2,293 and the second was for £1,080. Both times it was with lucky dips.

I so enjoyed sharing the money with family and friends.

I bought my husband a 1960 Hillman Minx to restore for our daughter`s wedding. It was lovely.

So that was all a long time ago, when my legs worked and I could jump with joy!

Now we live on an overdraft!

Ah well…

luv Pollxx

Haha, I did wonder if I might actually have ended up with THREE lottery tickets, after it failed at the final hurdle every time, and I wondered if it might, in fact, have been debited. But only £2 is missing from my balance, so one, and one only has gone through - which is correct.

If I had bought three accidentally, but one of them won it, I’d be thanking my lucky stars for the website glitch, wouldn’t I? But otherwise, not happy to have bought £6-worth when I usually have a strict limit of a single ticket.