Oh wow! The fashion, the hats, Gok Wan talking to Stephen Fry about how wonderfuy cheerful everyone is!

I am loving seeing all this. Fabulous darling!

I am wearing a light lemon and red summer frock with white cropped leggings and a black shrug…no fascinator…its in its box somewhere!

luv Pollyanna!xx


l did enjoy Gok Wan - l thought he did a super job as the ‘fashionista’ - They had good weather. l do get upset though - whenever a horse dies. There was two on Tuesday. And one died in the last race on Saturday. Poor thing finished the gruelling race then collapsed. l think it was favourite. Tiger [something] -

Well you must have looked ‘fabulous darling’ - but did you have a glass of champagne?

lts Wimbledon next Poll - Strawberries and cream. - but keep a pac-a-mac handy as it usually rains.

Wimbledon!!! Whoopee :slight_smile: Go Andy :slight_smile:

Royal Ascot last week (never seen it before and it was excellent), Wimbledon (Andy’s winning right now) this week and Glastonbury at the end of the week all on TV and good weather. Enjoy. Linda x

Oh Frances, I didnt know any horses have died. I stopped watching the Grand National as it looks so harsh and horses suffer.