fabulous auntie Gok

Hi all. Did anyone see the Gok Wan prog last night? I do like him. He`d be a lovely friend, who says things to make folk appreciate themselves more.

Last nights prog featured him helping a blind lady and also his promo of fashion with disabled folk in the forefront. It was so well put together, so who wants to join me on the virtual catwalk? Ill lead the way wearing a fetching leopard catsuit and 6 inch stillettos! Purrr!

luv Pollx

Well Gok would help me to not give a damn that those magic pants are just a no-go since they set my pins, needles and electric shocks off…I’m walking (slowly) tall and proud in a beautiful ball gown, towards my hsuband waiting for me in DJ and blacktie to whisk me off to a charity ball.

I turn and smile at the crowd and the next belle/beaux is waiting in the wings…go go go

Guess you accidenatally clicked send twice. I said, guess you acci…oh stop it Poll!

Im sure he be a great girl friend`.

luv Pollx

Sounds brill!

luv Pollx