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Afternoon gang!

I`m pleased to be able to tell you that that dreaded nausea and headache are finally on their way out. But just realised summat else is still there and quite unpleasant too.

When I tilt my head downwards, I get a sharp pain across the bottom of my back…just where they stuck their various needles.

It ain`t nice. Told hubby. What did he say? Yeh, you probably guessed it,

Well dont tilt your head downwards then.`


luv Pollx

Hiya darlin,

If you danced would you be a Poll dancer? Lol

I’ve been trying everywhere to find out if a neg can turn pos but no luck yet. Will keep on till I find the answer.


PS Husbands are always right and I’m single

Sorry Poll - hubby is quite right but you keep doing it to check if it’s still there, don’t you? Glad that you’re generally feeling OK. Love Teresa xx

Now now, dont end up like a nodding dog Poll, although they may come back in fashion for the cars.

Well you know you just had to come home with a pressie didnt you.



Hi George, not sure, but it was either Rizzo or Anitra who said it is possible to get a positive lp after a negative one. We``ll see.

luv Pollx

ps no, husbands are never right!

Hi Teresa, see my reply to bren (yawn). Chuffin ell!

luv Pollx