Morning everyone,

I hope this doesn’t sound frivolous after the appalling events in London this week, but I wondered if anyone here enjoys the Chelsea Flower Show as much as I do. I have watched it for years now and would love to go down there during the CFS week, but there is no way I could manage it now. I can manage a little light pottering in my garden on a very good day and weather permitting. Hubby has to do all the digging and donkey work. But I love watching all the inspirational gardens and plants each year. I loved the Australian garden this year.

If I come into a fortune I might have to have a complete garden makeover with a lovely area to sit, smell the flowers and enjoy and large glass of something chilled and alcoholic!

keep well

Alison x

Hi Alison, yes I watch it and really enjoy it.

Couple of things I don’t enjoy though… Alan Titchmarsh who I don’t like (very smug in my opinion)… but mostly I wish they would stop all that yacking and get on with showing us the gardens!

But apart from that small moan I really enjoy it. I live in London but have never been… and now think it would be too much hassle.

I wish Monty Don presented it.

I really love Gardener’s World with him and his lovely dog Nigel. Even though I’ve never been much of a gardener and now don’t even have a garden, I find that show very calming. And I loved the series he did on French gardens.

I liked the Australian one and I liked the one with the old shed and overgrown and wild flowers.

Pat x

Hi Pat,

Really like Joe Swift and Andy Sturgeon, and yes, love Monty Don. A real gentle man. When you think of the planning and hard work put into the gardens at Chelsea each year, they all deserve a gold medal in my humble opinion.

Apparently, up here in yorkshire we are going to have some quite nice weather this weekend, so might do a couple of pots with bedding to put just outside the window of the living room.

Alison x