Lovely Neighbour

I have been feeling a bit down about the featureless garden at my new bungalow. Just grass and no flowers but I don’t have the umph to do any gardening so that’s that.

However I got up yesterday morning to find 4 hanging baskets in the front, put there by my neighbour. Not only that but he waters them for me too. Aren’t some people lovely?



Awww Jane that's lovely, so thoughtful of your neighbour

Luisa x

That’s really heartwarming Jane. I wish there were more people like that!

Teresa xx

That kind of action really does give you faith in humanity. What a lovely thing to do.

Take care



Hi Jane,

Sounds as though you've got the best neighbours you could have, what a really kind thing to do.

I bet it put a smile on your face.



Hi Jane

Yes there are some very wonderful people around

I'm so pleased at the kindness of your neighbour (I'd call him a friend)

Thanks for sharing as nice stories help make my day

;-))) Mary

Hiya Jane

Some folk are worth far more than their weight in gold!

My neighbour pops to see me (checkes up on me!) 3/4 times a week.

He often brings cake. When I cant drive then he takes me where I need to go. He ties my shoeslaces when needed and a zillion other things. He has dyslexia so he says I am his secretary dealing with any paperwork. We help each other.

I would be lost without his company and assistance.

Treasure your neighbour-most are invaluable.

Take care, Ellie x

Hi Jane

What a kind, thoughtful neighbour. Bet your hanging baskets look great!


What a lovley thing to do,bet it really cheered you up,


can i have him for my neighbour please, i live on an awful street, its full of snobby people who dont even acknowledge you,2 of my old friends moved because of them,i think its the unfriendliest street in  England lol.

There are some lovely people though,only the other day i was out on my scooter ast a garden centre and i dropped somthing out of my bag, a kind lady came over and picked it up for me,so that was nice,and a little boy was looking at my scooter when we were taking it out of the car, and he said to his mum, 'wow.thats a cool scooter is the lady going off roading' that made me laugh so much, bless him.

jaki  xx

Ahhh bless you.

That is so wonderfull.My neigbours are being more understanding to.Which is a good thing.


Hi Jane

I too have a lovely neighbour. When i was unwell my neighbour went to get a perscription for me.  The funny thing is that i am 40 and he is 74! lol!!  He and his wife always ask me if i want anything when they go shopping.  His wife is 77!!

They would do anything to help.  They are wonderful.

Teresa. x



that's lovely - what a nice man angel

Hello Jane,

                     What a nice gesture; if only all neighbours were like that. One of our neighbours isn't very nice, and amazingly she is a social worker!

                         Take care,