When being a good neighbour is too much!

Hi gang, planning to spend a quiet afternoon watching box set of ‘The White Queen’… I thought I’d just pop into see my lovely neighbour Huguette, 99 next month.

Whilst there…

  1. Huguette’s phone rang, she could not understand the caller and passed phone to me

  2. It was GP’s surgery about a hospital appointment on Tuesday… I had to act as ‘go between’ regarding times, transport etc

  3. I then had to write a detailed note for Huguette’s carer

  4. Huguette then decided it would be better if I rang the carer to arrange it all

  5. I rang the carer and acted as ‘go between’ for Huguette & carer

  6. I came home exhausted

  7. My phone rang… it was Huguette’s carer saying that she thought the appointment was unnecessary, she spent 10 minutes explaining why and then asked if I would I discuss it with Huguette.

  8. I said I would later but couldn’t do it right now because…


Don’t get me wrong, I love Huguette, but blimey…

Now going to get into bed and watch box set of ‘The White Queen’… If I can stay awake!

Happy Friday everyone,

Pat xxx

Oh dear Pat. You see this is because you are the baby in the block and they think you can cope with whatever.

Perhaps you should have a word with the carer and put her in the picture about your own limitations, eh?

Has your neighbour got family…ones that are young enough to visit and help her?

You did your bit and it has knackered you…mmmm?

luv Pollx

Ahh Pat, you are good but Poll is quite right maybe a quiet word with the carer …after all , surely it’s her job to discuss it with Huguette. You’ve had such a c**p time lately…you can do with out added stress. BTW you forgot to mention your late night panic with Huguette a couple of nights ago!! You really are the best neighbour…wish you were mine…you’ll go to heaven as your reward!! Take care of yourself…enjoy the white queen, Love Nina xx

Take care of yourself Pat - this is the sort of thing that really brings on my fatigue too! Well done on taking such good care of Huguette though! Teresa xx

Thanks girls…

She does have a lot of help really… carer every morning, god-daughter comes almost daily, other people come in including priest… but poor love has really got to the stage where she should have full-time care.

Her mind is still very good but she can’t hear anything much on the phone (we’ve been down the hearing-aid route without success) and really just dozes in her recliner for most of the time.

Anyway, I did my bit. We ended up cancelling the hospital appointment which really wasn’t necessary & would have been very hard on her.

And helping Huguette also brings up lots of guilt for me as my own mother, aged 86, lives the other side of London & it’s my sister who takes the brunt of her care (although she is still very independent).

These things are never easy… let’s face it… life is never easy.

Loving ‘The White Queen’… even though I saw it when it was on telly AND am in process of reading the books. Obsessed? Moi?

Pat xxx

Oh my, glad you got thru it in one piece and that she does got help, you really don’t need so much pressure (but you would always deal with a problem like that head on)… I’d do exactly the same!

Glad you’ve been enjoying the White Queen, another thing I’ve managed to miss completely! And I truly thought it only started a few weeks ago…really not sure where my mind is right now, doh!

Have a nice chilled weekend x

You are a star Pat A good knackered? Take care M