My lovely Huguette has passed away

Hello gang, well it was only last week that I told you we had celebrated my darling friend & neighbour Huguette’s 99th birthday.

On Saturday morning Huguette’s carer called an ambulance, realising that Huguette had suffered a stroke.

After a couple of days the hospital doctors and Huguette’s god-daughter decided, quite rightly, that it would be better to stop all treatment except Morphine, and let her go. She remained in a deep sleep and died at 6pm yesterday.

For Huguette I am very pleased that it’s over. She, a Roman Catholic, has been praying to die for some time. She had simply had enough.

For myself, well mixed emotions. I will miss her and I’m very glad that I have known her. She was a lovely woman… intellegent, interesting, funny and loving.

I heard last night that she has requested to be cremated wrapped in an Indian sari. That says so much about the unique woman that she was.

Pat x

Awwww Pat, so very sorry. She was so obviously an amazing woman and its lovely that you had her as a friend and and now in your heart.

Thinking of you



Oh Pat - I am so so sorry. I know you really loved your elderly friend and will feel an emptiness without her there. I am sure you will always remember her with fondness! I love it that she wants to be wrapped in an Indian sari! I too am thinking of you! Teresa xx

Oh Pat, I am so sorry to hear this, you are bound to have mixed emotions, but try to hang on to your lovely memories of her, this will help.

Sleep peacefully Hugette x

Pam x

How very sad Pat. i know you were a good friend to Huguette who will now be at rest. Cherish the happy times you spent with her. Here’s a hug for you ((((())))) Linda x

Thank you ladies.

I keep getting a nagging feeling that I have forgotten something… and then realise that I haven’t gone in to visit Huguette. Feels strange and a bit earlier I thought I’d pop in a couple of necterines for her.

Ah well. In a few weeks someone new will move into her flat and that is exactly as it should be.

Pat x

so sorry to hear the sad news

J x

So sorry to read that Pat.

At least you can look back on fond memories and that you shared her last birthday with her.


Sorry to hear your friend died Pat. Your posts about your friendship with her showed she meant a lot to you. I’m glad she got to go with dignity,and without a long drawn out time suffering with her stroke. That’s probably a huge relief for her and yourself. Don’t get upset about not having been to see her recently, I’m certain she was aware of how much you cared for her. Now ensure you take care of yourself. She’s at peace, and good on her wanting a sari.

Cath xx

Hope you have a better sleep tonight Pat, I shall be thinking of you ((((((((very big hugs)))))))) Love Nina xx

Hi Pat

I’m so sorry to hear such sad news.

I saw your post yesterday shortly before I left work and just didn’t want to just rush a response…

I’m glad that you did have the opportunity to know her - she did sound like a true individual :slight_smile: I hope you don’t miss her too much and I’m happy for her, that she’s moved to a better place and didn’t have to keep waiting.

For you Pat hugs and maybe a chocolate distraction for me as feel pathetically weepy today - my thoughts are with you Pat :slight_smile:

Take care and I hope your new neighbour is a nice one when they arrive

Sonia x

Hello Pat, sorry to hear your news. Just remember how much of an honour it is to have known someone of such experience and wisdom and to have touched their lives. Good wishes, Steve x

Thank you all for lovely messages.

I am feeling much better about it and have stopped expecting her to call or knock on door ('ello Pat it is 'ugette ‘ere…’ you have to do this in a French accent to get it right… actually she did sound very much like Hercule Poirot).

I can’t bring myself to delete a few messages from her on phone… but I should really as she is gone and it is morbid of me to keep them.

Her God-daughter and some friends started clearing out her flat today. They brought me a lovely little framed watercolour of Port Siad, Egypt (Huguette was born and grew up in Egypt) by her brother and a small Italian jug made of stone… and when I went out later in day one of Huguette’s plants, known as a prayer plant, was sitting on the window-sill outside my flat.

So I have some lovely things to remember her by (not that I could ever forget her).

Sonia I’m sorry to hear you are a bit weepy today darling? Hope it has already passed and you are feeling better? It’s best just to let the tears come darling… take good care and snuggle up cosy and warm.

YES I have chocolate. OMG I think I have discovered the best chocolate in the world… from Oxfam… their Divine 38% Milk Chocolate with Toffee & Sea Salt… yes sea salt… you just won’t believe how well chocolate and salt go together!

Night my lovelies… and thank you again for very kind messages. I used to tell Huguette about all of you. She found it all so interesting and was amazed how we could all keep in touch on computers.

Night night, Pat x

Thanks Pat, you’re a sweetie. I’m glad you have some lovely keepsakes, I treasure things like that :wink:

I actually had a lovely visit from good friend today… is it just me or when you first see someone after Dx, it’s kind of good to get stuff off your chest BUT it’s exhausting too! So silly tearful today, actually feeling good and feeling lots of love :slight_smile:

Hope evryone enjoys the rest of their weekend

Sonia x

Pat, sending you a big hug and knowing she is at rest will help you, that is a good age and when you have talked of her it came over with much love, Jan xx

Ah thanks Jan, she was a sweetheart.

Funeral is on 2nd December.

I can’t believe that this time last week she was still alive. Seems ages ago.

Pat x

So sorry to hear about your friend Pat.

I have a soft spot for old people - so full of wisdom and interesting stories.

She sounded a lovely lady and will be missed a lot by you i’m sure.

Best wishes


Glad you have some mementoes of Huguette’s Pat. When my Nana died last year I kept a wooden earning bobbin and a hankie. Just small things but they always make me think of her! I must get someone to go to Oxfam for me, in order to try that chocolate - sounds yummy! Teresa xx

Darning not earning!