A day out for me!

I did have a nice day out… you may remember that my friend Huguette died in November… she was 99… well today 9 of us got together and buried her ashes at the cemetery. It was beautiful weather… and a lovely little ceremony… one friend did a reading and then we all took turns in dropping rose petals and earth on top of her ashes. And then put up a little stone plaque with her name, dates, and ‘Cherished Forever’. Then went back to her God-daughter’s for tea… with much chat and laughter… and good food. Exactly how Huguette would have wanted it. Of course for me it was a hell of a struggle … which included an episode of ‘hug’ and double vision at the cemetery which I managed to keep to myself… but I’m glad I did it. In bed now… exhausted… but happy. Pat xx

So glad it was a lovely day Pat, must be tired thoughl so rest now and take it easy.

Pam x

So pleased it was a good day Pat, but I do hope you don’t suffer too much today. Nina xx

Nice one, sending M

Glad you had a good day; there’s nothing like a bit of proper spring weather to cheer us up. Sun’s out here today, but I’m loathe to attempt any gardening related activities; MS issues aside, it is something that irks me greatly!

I’m glad it was a nice day for you Pat. I’m sure her family appreciated your attending. Isn’t it nice that the weather’s improving? I’m looking forward to my house re modelling getting finished and I can spend time outside enjoying it too.

Have a good weekend everyone.

Cath xx

Hello Pat, it is good to get out and talk to people-even though we’re still susceptible to the demons of our condition. My wife and I managed to get to the southbank last Sunday for a wonderful performance of Bach’s St Mattherw Passion. It was like a huge shot of feel good factor and nice to know our 17 month old daughter is happy to be with Grandma and Auntie Lizzie (and Grandad). Best wishes, Steve x.

well done Pat, a happy memory to hug.


A mixture of sadness for the loss of a friend, but happy for having known her and being able to say goodbye in a way she would have loved.

Rest well today hun.

luv Pollx

It sounds like the perfect day for her

Glad it was so good for you all

Sonia x