Beautiful Sunshine

All this lovely sunshine is doing wonders for my garden flower pots a mass amounts of flowers and beautiful colours too it’s really a lovely sight to see this year and I’m very pleased about them.

I will admit that due to the problems with my hands I’m no longer able to make them up myself so a little bit of cheating has gone on (lol) - they’re mostly shop bought but they do still need a bit of TLC from me and they look fab because of it and they’re giving me lots of enjoyment :slight_smile:

However, not so sure about my garden grass as although it’s cut and is neat and tidy (I have a gardener to do this) it’s looking rather dehydrated with the lack of rain that we’ve had, or rather not had. I don’t think the weather is changing anytime soon so I was wondering whether I should maybe get a hosepipe, or something but it would have to be easy to use and hold - any suggestions would be appreciated thank-you.

Twinkle Toes x


Apparently it is very difficult to kill grass. It will survive a summer of drought as those of us around in the summer of ‘76 will remember. The roots will be fine however brown it looks on the surface.

When I had some work done on my house a couple of years ago the builder put in a new outdoor tap which is easy to turn and also constructed two raised flower beds for me which have been fantastic but I also have a garden hose and can use that sitting down. It also has the fixture on it that you don’t have to grip to make it spray.

Enjoy the colourful garden.


Morning TT Val is right it is very difficult to kill grass. Used to do gardening for other people and my OH still grass cuts for a living. You would probably be better off leaving it until it rains if you can put up with it looking brown - think of it as sand on the beach! If you really can’t stand it looking brown what about a sprinkler, just turn it on and let it go, takes less energy. The pots are looking beautiful in my garden as well but have had to downsize my watering can as a two gallon is to heavy for me now. Think I am turning into a vampire - as soon as the sun comes up I go indoors! Yep, very reminiscent of '76 even the broad beans are falling over, never seen that before. Enjoy your flowers!

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Hi Val,

I didn’t realise that it was difficult to kill the grass but then again I don’t have a good track record with houseplants lol but that’s good that it will survive through this weather… I don’t remember the summer of 76 but I was around, just :slight_smile:

I’m not sure if I could get an outside tap sorted out but I have looked at getting a hose and that sounds especially good if it has a fixture on it that I wouldn’t have to grip to make it spray - thank-you I shall invest in a hose asap then.

My flowers are still managing to do well with this heat and tonight as I’ve got the window open I’ve got the lovely scent coming in - lovely sunshine just a shame about the heat :-/

Twinkle Toes x

Hi FlowerBee,

As I said to Val, I didn’t realise that it was difficult to kill grass but as you’ve said (and seeing what my neighbours seem to be doing) I think I will leave it until we get some rain which unfortunately isn’t anytime soon.

In the meantime I will get a hosepipe to help water all my flower pots as like you, I’ve had to downsize my watering can too.

Thank-you for your advice, and that’s lovely hear that your flower pots are doing well too.

Twinkle Toes x

We are very close to a hosepipe ban and I would just let the grass fend for itself. Save the water for the flowers. Harvest rainwater - when it here!! Water late evenings or early morning. Apply mulch to retain the water.

We have a lot of containers cuz I can’t dig in ground. We also employ help or there’s be zilch out there now! Trouble is they need the watering!! Anything in the ground will fend for itself - even if it looks dry and withered now, it’ll come back.

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Hi Reddivine,

Yes, I think the hosepipe bans are on their way soon. I’ve heard of a couple of areas that have them already but that could be down to those fires along the Pennines - very sad, one lot of them was started deliberately, apparently and that’s terrible :frowning:

As, you and the others have said the grass will fend for itself so I will leave that alone and concentrate on the flower pots but I will still get a hosepipe and once that’s set up things will be easier.

Already been doing the watering first thing in places or leaving it till later on, that’s if I have any energy left as it’s hardwork with only a small watering can :-/

Take Care.

Twinkle Toes x

We have an X hose to water our garden,its very light and easy to use as its shrinks back when turned off,so you dont have to wind it at all,you do need an outside tap for it though.I have bought 3 large wall baskets this year from our garden centre as i was not well enough to do them myself,but they are beautiful so i am doing the same next year too,i used to love gardening and i mean real gardening,it used to take me a full day every week cutting privets,mowing grass and weeding as i had a large garden,i have a much smaller garden now and it looks after itself thank goodness.I love the sunny weather but its far too hot for me just now.

J x

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rivington is only 7 miles from where i live.

a proper local beauty spot.

how could anyone deliberately set it alight?

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Hi MrsJ,

Not heard of that one but that sounds good so I’ll try and find out about it, and I’m going to see about an outside tap as that would make things a whole lot easier too, thank-you. Obviously I won’t be able to use it at the moment as I believe a number of hosepipe bans have now come into force but at least I’ll have got one.

Sorry that you’re not able to do your own gardening now, I and a lot of other people on here totally understand (MS sucks) but we can still get some enjoyment from the flower pots and baskets that we buy :slight_smile:

I agree with you, the sunshine is lovely but the heat is just way too hot.

Take Care.

Twinkle Toes x

My partner has Big Plans for our garden. Pretty much a blank slate when we moved in last year. It becam apparent tho that neither are physically strong or have energy - which is kinda frustrating. He/we buy plants and they sit there waiting to be potted on or planted…

Answer was to employ gardener for the major stuff - clearing some trees, laying a shed base. Friends helped us build the shed and put in outside tap. We have a wierd situation where all the taps/drains are at the FRONT and most pots at the back. So we have to walk AROUND the house (we’re an end house) to get to back gate.!!

We now employ PA, to assist my partner with the garden - she does the heavy lifting and digging, he’s passing on his knowledge. Soooo much better and the gardens really coming on in just a year.

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Hi Carole,

I believe that Rivington is lovely as is Saddleworth and a lot of the Pennines, I love the countryside wherever it might be (when I can get there) as there’s so much to see there and it’s so relaxing being out there too.

It’s awful that some silly person decided to start the fire deliberately (well the one at Rivington has been confirmed that) just don’t understand them :-/

Take Care.

Twinkle Toes x

That sounds great that your partner has big plans for your blank canvas :slight_smile:

Must of been very frustrating indeed that neither of you were able to complete this yourselves but at least you found a solution and was able to employ someone to do the major stuff that you wanted doing and your lovely friends helped out too.

Now that you’ve got a PA to help you out too, that’s great and at least your partner can still do some things and also pass on all his knowledge to her.

What a strange set up though for your taps & drains being at the front when everything is at the back of the house!!!

I’m so happy Reddivine that your garden is now coming on a treat, and may it continue to do so and give you both lots of enjoyment through the different seasons :slight_smile:

Twinkle Toes x