Sharing the sunshine...

I am still finding my way around the new site layout, it is not difficult, just different and I am not used to following threads and replies. I hope to crack it before any more changes!
I thought I’d take a break and share some of todays garden visitors.


These are lovely photos. I’m blessed to have the same view from the kitchen window where we have two feeding stations. I’m finding the new forum a little hard to follow, but will be preserving. :+1:


Love your birds! I hope you post some more.

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Mogace, thanks so much for the lovely photos.

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Stunning! Thank you for sharing :slight_smile:

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I had to research your goldfinches. I had no idea they were so different from ours.

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Love your photos Mick. As always.

Sue :kissing_smiling_eyes:

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Thanks for your lovely comments. The birds on our feeders bring loads of joy. Glad to share , even though I know this is not a photo sharing site. Good luck to everyone getting to learn how the new site works.

I got some grief from my brother in law when I thought I had seen Pine Siskins, only for him to point out that Pine Siskins only live in USA. Ooops. Quite a lot of birds with shared names are different in Europe compared to their American cousins.

If you wish to see other varieties of my photos they are on Flickr here: Mogace Flickr pics

What beautiful photos, Mick! Do allium and poppies really grow wild there?

The alliums were planted, and although the poppies were inside and outside of the garden, I think they are escapees from someones planting. I think there are wild alliums and poppies in the UK but they are much smaller. M

I finally got a snap of a Nuthatch (amongst others) so I thought I would share my fun.

What great photos! I have a bird feeder but as I live in London the most colourful birds I see are blue tits and robins. On one occasion I saw two green parrots but haven’t seen them since!

Thank you. We are very lucky. When we lived in Sussex we had a very limited selection of birds.

I’ve always known this was an educational website! You now have me researching the differences between our birds. Your robins are much cuter (and smaller) than ours. My favorite bird of all time, though, is the black-capped chickadee, which is very similar to your coal tit. When I was little, I had one that would eat out of my hand. Right now, there’s a lone one that visits my back porch frequently.

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