Kew Gardens

Hi everyone, hope you’re as well as can be …

Just wanted to tell you that our branch had a brilliant day out at Kew Gardens, of course we were lucky with the weather but it really was a glorious day. We were given buggys to get around on that were booked in advance and just gave them a donation when we gave them back. Riding in the buggy meant I was able to take photos which I find quite difficult these days. The staff were helpful and the rhododendrons were beautiful. A successful day out and a good discount if you enquire about their Community and Charity Groups entry scheme. It really cheered me up.


Hi Wendy,

So pleased to hear good news. Glad your day out was a success, so you’ll be going again next year then!



Used to love going to Kew gardens when we lived in London pre MS. Remember OH making me walk all the way to the far end of the park to see the rhodies . I told him we were to late.Got there and there were only about 10 flowers… not happy. But saw my first jays hopping about so did get something nice out of the long walk!

Will remember buggies if I ever go back.

Jen xx

That’s really interesting Wendy - thanks. Our local group were planning a trip to Kew and thought we’d have to mostly use chairs - loaned buggies would be a lot easier (never mind being able to get more people in the van!). Did you have to book far in advance?

Karen x

I hope you do Jen, it was so much easier than our other trips where we have to be pushed around in wheelchairs.

Take care



Oh Wendy that’s great! Haven’t been there for years but you’ve inspired me to plan a trip.

Had a look at their website and they have wheelchairs and 8 mobility scooters. Here’s the link to how to book them etc. Scroll down to ‘Getting Around’.

Thanks for the idea and glad you had such a great time.

Pat x

Sent you a PM Karen



Thanks Pat, didn’t see you message and so sent Karen a pm. We booked in advance and only paid £10 for 20 people, can use this community/charity ticket for a year, not bad. They just asked if we would leave a donation after using their buggys/wheelchairs. Do need to send a letter with charity/community organisation headed paper.