good food show/ bbc gardeners world live

Im going to this show in Birmingham this coming weekend, my grandaughters coming with me,im so looking forward to it i just cant wait.

Ive booked a scooter for the 2 days so that wont be a problem, just hope the weather good to us.

Theres so many "celebrety"chefs and gardeners there im hoping for a realy good time and know that my hands will be full and my purse empty when i get back.

Let you know all about it on Monday when i get back. Barbara.xx

Have a great time, think you’ll need that scooter! Years since I went to the Gardeners World live show Pre the Good Food show,remember buying a pebble pool for the patio reallyy wanted a greenhouse, that I can’t find now,sort of a pyramid shape that rotates, I have seen them since but now that we can afford one…can’t find one.

Thanks maude its not too long now so looking forward to it i must say though the scooter hire cost was a bit steep £15.00 a day but i guess when you got no choice you just pay it.