Hi All

Just wanted to pop in and say Hi, been a busy few weeks and the lap top has been on constant work mode- hope you are all having your best day yet, Im off to Ascot on Thursday/Friday as a 40th birthday pressie with my best friend, mum and other friends- we go by coach and have a hotel and basically get plied with food and drink all day thursday and friday, so excited- a world of difference to swilling round in the mud at Download Festival for 4 days last weekend, only bad thing was the bus wasnt in service on the saturday and i had to walk a mile- and spent the rest of the day trying not to cry the pain was so bad. but saw Metallica , slash and Black Sabbath so i was a happy Girl, so sad to hear about Ozzy’s son having M.S this morning. Poor lad, have a good week all.


Weather forecast more promising this week BC - so looks good for Ascot. We went to a wedding the same weekend as the Download Festival - everyone in wellies - even the bridesmaids had royal blue dresses with matching Hunter Blue wellies. Only 4x4’s could get to the church and the reception. But a good time was had by all.

OH has gone up to the north of Scotland on a fishing trip - Helmsdale - he rang last night to say the river is only 5inches deep. We had more then that just last night - the bottom of our garden looks like an ‘infinity pool’ -Ducks are loving it!!!


Oh wow- love the British way of carry on regardless- I expect the blue wellies and 4x4’s will haev made it a day to remember - had a chuckle about your OH fishing trip, like you i could probably fish out of the kitchen window!!. I bought bright pink wellies,stops my boys stealing them !!!. cant wait til thursday, i am TRYING to rest til then- but need to scrap out the house