Wonderful weekend :D

I haven’t posted on here for a while as life is ticking over quite well and I haven’t had anything to say. I do loiter and comment on the odd thread when I have the time but with two jobs and lots of sleeping to fit in, I don’t spend as much time on here as I would like.

I just have to share this though, if only to let newbies know that life still goes on with MS:-

Good times are like buses - they seem to come along in 3s after waiting for ages for something exciting to happen!

On Friday night I went to see Sam Smith at Thetford Forest . My son had bought the tickets for my friend and I a while back for my 50th birthday as he knew we wanted to go together. We packed a picnic and took our camping chairs. We enjoyed the picnic before and during the supporting act. Then when Sam came on we stood with everyone else and sang along with all his hits. It was his first concert since his throat problem and he is as good as he ever was. We finally arrived home at about 12.40 am Saturday morning so I was very glad I had had my sleep between finishing work at 3pm and setting off at 5pm on the Friday afternoon.

Then on Saturday afternoon (after a long lie in), I went to a friend’s wedding. This is her third wedding but I think she has finally found a good man so I hope she will be happy.

I left her reception early (she did know why and had given me her blessing to do so) at 7pm because:-

I went to a free festival in King’s Lynn where Bucks Fizz and Heaven 17 were playing. Before the bands played, a friend and I, along with some others, got to meet Heaven 17!! Back in the 80s I played The Luxury Gap to death and knew the lyrics word for word. I sat next to Glen Gregory while he signed my CD (both the cover and the disc itself) and we had a little chat. Martyn also signed it. We then had individual photographs with them and then a group photograph for the newspaper. The local paper had run a competition to win the meet and greet as a prize and I had complained to my trainee journalist son that I couldn’t enter as he is technically an employee because he is a trainee there. He then came home and said his editor had said I could go along anyway as Jamie had already told her, when the acts for the festival were announced, that I was a Heaven 17 fan.

I sat through most of Bucks Fizz’s set although they were a lot better than I thought they would be. However, when H17 came on I could not keep still and was on my feet dancing and whooping for an hour! My legs were killing me, my feet were burning and painful, my back ached like mad but I could not sit down! When they finished, I could barely walk to the car. Luckily there were lots of drunkards staggering down the road so I didn’t look too out of place and Josie made sure I got in the car safely before she left me.

All in all, a fantastic weekend. I was struggling a bit yesterday and I’m sure I may have made a few mistakes at work today and been a bit slower than normal but it was sooooooo worth it

Sorry about all the smileys but that is me in real life at the moment. It’s been such a good weekend I can’t stop smiling.

This is the kind of weekend I would never have thought possible when I was first diagnosed … when I could barely walk and barely stay awake. However I’m on Gilenya, it’s working well and I can still do all the things I used to do. Normally I pace myself. This wasn’t possible this weekend but I still managed it. I just need to be sensible the rest of the week and all will be fine. Life doesn’t get any better.

Sorry for waffling on so much

Tracey xx

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Hey Elmo, How are yer ? High lodge and Lynn in one message. You a Norfolk girl then, bor ? :smiley: Take care of yourself, Andy

How lovely that you had such a great time!

And thank you for sharing it with us! It makes using this forum a lot more friendly when people talk about the fun things they’re been doing, not just the MS stuff :slight_smile: I used to love Heaven 17 too, many a time playing “temptation” way too long xD Good to hear that Buck’s Fizz aren’t just has-beens now, too. Makes me cringe when you see older bands playing somewhere and it’s clear they should have done everyone a favour and retired from the business years ago.

Lovely to hear of you fab weekend, we need more happy stories. I have just spent a lovely week in Turkey with friends and have been too lazy to post about it

Jan x

Ooh, do share Jan, when your brain’s up to letting you :smiley:

Yeah, course I’m a Norfolk girl, I live on the north Norfolk coast and no, I didn’t go to the christening of the year ;-). I did my best to avoid the traffic jams that probably surrounded it lol. So are you from Norfolk too?

Ha’ yer’ got a loit boi? Ha’ yer got a loit? (I went to a Christmas show with a friend who is not originally from Norfolk and when this song came up and the audience all sang along with it, she looked very bemused )


When you’ve recovered from all that revelling, we would love to hear about it. We definitely need more stories to make us smile. There’s enough doom and gloom about. Some nights, I just can’t bear to watch the news …

Tracey x

Thanks jellysundae

Heaven 17 were fabulous. For the encore they played a David Bowie song and a Human League song and did justice to those too. Glen Gregory still has a fantastic voice. I’m so glad I crammed so much into one weekend.

Tracey x

That’s me second favourite norfolk dittie after On the ball City !!! I’m just south of Norwich, but not as far south as the London overspill (!) :wink: (Norfolk in-joke, no one get offended) I was in my early teens when your guys were at their height, I did dabble afore things went darker… :wink: Dew ya keep a troshin gal ! Andy

Norwich did well this year. My youngest brother was at Wembley for the play off and had a great time. I’m a bit older than you then, I was at college when Temptation came out and played The Luxury Gap album over and over! They did go a bit downhill after that but on Saturday they stuck to their well known hits.

I had a book from Radio Norfolk and it was full of squit written in Norfolk dialect that outsiders couldn’t read lol. What was that guy’s name, who did the weekly story?

Dew yew keep a troshing too!


Roy Waller. My grandad gave me a Datty Duck book which was written in dialect when I went to uni Had a housemate from Sheffield and one from Blackburn, both who looked at it and said That’s not English. … :smiley: Andy

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Andy and Tracey, reading this little convo is making me giggle, thanks xD

Happy to oblige… :wink: (Incidentally Tracey, browsed the pink 'un, and there was a post on there saying it was 5 years since Roy passed ! ) spooky

I had no idea. I’m gonna tell me dad off, I only ever listened to Roy in his car and he didn’t tell me he had died. Spooky indeed. Gone but not forgotten :slight_smile:

I’m glad someone else is enjoying this convo even if they don’t understand some of it lol :stuck_out_tongue:


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At least I can say something right on this thread. … :smiley:

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Not much to tell…honest most of our group went white water rafting, quite dangerous, we nearly lost someone when she was knocked out of the boat but they managed to drag her back in. Three of us were going to paraglide but it got cancelled as a storm was forecast, two were visibly relieved they didn’t have to do it. We stayed at Club Orka Hotel Ovacik there is accomodation separate from the main hotel called The Annex we all booked rooms there which was great. There was 15 in our group using about 11 rooms and we were all close together. It felt as though we had our own private pool and bar with loungers you didn’t have to fight over. I got slightly tipsy in a bar one night which resulted in my walking and movement vastly improving for a couple of hours (note to self to start drinking). People were dancing on the bar and I desperately wanted to but no one would help me up in case I fell (spoilsports).

I took my wheelchair but didn’t use it except at airports, we taxied everywhere we went and if you just wanted to go over to the main hotel you just had to ring reception and they sent the shuttle bus over for you. Everybody slowed down for me so I didn’t feel as if I was holding them all up.

I had to stay in the shade or the pool to keep my temperature down. My internal thermostat doesn’t seem work anymore and I can’t cope with extreme heat or cold, heat especially is very debilitating these days.

I was quite nervous about going to such a hot country but it really wasn’t too bad, we probably went just before the real heat kicks in. There’s talk of going back in October and I’ll be there if I possibly can because we never know what’s round the corner.

Jan x

Sounds fantastic Jan, you have very supportive friends. Definitely go back if you are able to. You are quite right, since dx I try to do as much as possible when I’m well enough. I think having MS makes me much more grateful for all the things I can do. I don’t take things for granted any more (especially walking and talking lol).

Tracey x