a great afternoon out

hi peeps

i just have to share my fantastic day out.

my friend, janet, picked me up at 3 pm and we went into manchester to see the stone roses at heaton park. i hadnt been able to get a disabled ticket and i was worried about standing for a long time.

but once the bands came on i forgot all about my wonky legs - i was standing for 8 hours!!

i’m buzzing now (2.30 am) and will probably stay in bed all day tomorrow.

i just need a good old gig once in a while.

tired and happy


Hi Carol How was the"madchester" scene. I hope you enjoyed the concert. As I had put a bid in for Olympic footie tickets, I couldn’t of afforded, I have tickets in 24 days. You can’t beat the hacienda days. Mike x

it was as great as i expected. nothin like reliving the mispent youth!

hope you enjoy the footie

carole x

Hi Carole,

My sister was at the gig also. She had a fab time apart from a guy urinating near her as he couldn’t be bothered to que for the toilets! LOL!

Teresa. x