seeing a live band

the best gig i ever went to was one i bought tickets to for my husband’s 60th birthday.

it was for roger waters and was actually on hubby’s birthday!

i struggle with arenas due to all the steps without handrails so i paid a bit extra for an executive box.

we had good seats outside the box, a waiter who brought our drinks - we just had to phone through, dedicated parking even closer than the disabled parking and a voucher to get the parking free.

would have been perfect if we’d had toilets nearby too.

roger waters was amazing. i love his politics and his sarcasm is wonderful.

so next time you book, look into an executive box.

carole x

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Must remember this if I ever see a top act again!

I saw David Cassidy perform at London Chelsea areana when I was 17…my first love. Posters on the bedroom wall.

Batley variety/frontier in west Yorkshire;

Jimmy Ruffin

Madness…there are more but can’t remember it at mo.

Christy Moore-irish singer. Think it was Halifax I saw him.

Beautiful South

Barry Manilow…it was a night out!

I’ll keep thinking


i saw queen the last time they played knebworth, it was horrendous getting stuck and the car overheating in the 5 mile traffic jam, being roasted alive in the sunshine (and then freezing at the end), not being able to get first into and then out of the parking area, missing all but a couple of bits of the last support act and being near the back, we were worried that it was going to be too quiet… and then queen came on. the sound levels nearly knocked us on our bums, they were amazing! i’d cheerfully go back in time and do it all again WITH MS. it was just brilliant


yes dave38 executive boxes are fantastic!

blossom - i was too busy with my crush on marc bolan to find time for david cassidy.

​madness are amazing. we were stood near the back but once the intro to one step beyond started we were lifted off our feet with the crowd all bouncing. good times.

christy moore - ace! also look at luka bloom, his song “i need love” in his sexy irish voice - ooooooh!

wendy - my very first festival was knebworth 1976. rolling stones, 10cc, lynyrd skynyrd and a few others.

friends at work always said i should be gong to spain because festivals don’t come cheap - pah!

carole x

Haven’t been to a gig in ages - last one was Beautiful South at the Colston Hall; on a countdown now though to total fangirl-dom, going to see Pentatonix at the Hammersmith (haven’t been there since the 80’s!) on my birthday - if they chair-girl me (unlikely but you never know) I will not be held responsible for my actions .

enjoy it theresa!

it’s the last thing that i’ll give up!

i’m gutted because i went to the first two of festival number six but missed last year and looking like i’ll miss this year too.

it is held in portmeirion where the prisoner was filmed.

1960’s weirdness so don’t know if you’ll have heard of it.

the town is so beautiful although there are a lot of cobbles.

the disabled facilities are fantastic though.

maybe next year.

carole x

I saw Slayer at Roger’s Arena a few years ago. I think it is fair to say that i lost my mind that night. :slight_smile:

Rob Zombie was his support act and he was full on theatrics, pyrotechnics and costume changes, with 20 foot robots and all kinds of malarkey.

It was interesting to see how Slayer were going to follow that act; and with pure class they came out with an entirely black stage with a pure black background of 50 foot Marshall speaker stacks the full width of the stage…

It was… impressive. if you’re into that kind of thing…

sounds very impressive paulo

i saw alice cooper’s welcome to my nightmare tour.

the stage was very theatrical.

in one scene alice died and was buried. dancers with black leotards with luminous skeletons painted on pulled him out.

that was decades ago and i’m pleased that bands are still putting on a good show.

i’m into most kinds of music and live acts.

my friend’s son, peter (lovely person) is in such a heavy death metal band.

i go to watch them because peter is in.

and once the shock wears off i like them!

don’t know how much damage i do to their cred though

saw james taylor in an open air concert in manchester, seen Eurythmics too,both wonderful .

so jealous Blossom of you seeing David Cassidy,he was the love of my life, i was sure he was going to marry me lmao.


we could have had a double wedding - you and david cassidy, me and marc bolan!

we could have sold the rights to Jackie!

carole x

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Pigpen - Portmeirion is just up the road from the place I grew up! (Bangor) Still have Family in the area.

The Prisoner was such a cool - if a bit trippy - programme.


the festival is brilliant.

there is a stage on the estuary which is a stunning venue.

you really should go because the facilities are brilliant for disabled campers.

blue badge holders are allowed to drive into the village but most other vehicles are banned.

i loved the piazza where the audience sat on deckchairs and listened to stuart maconi, caitlin moran and other interesting people including the wonderful guy garvie.

​i even had a favourite curry house (tent) called Ghandi’s flipflop.

really sad that this year is the 2nd one i’ve missed.

lucky you living in such a lush part of the uk.

i love scotland too. the Trossachs are beautiful in autumn.

carole (in rainy bolton, greater manchester)


I saw Steeleye Span a few weeks ago, they’ve got a new fiddler,well new to me, I thought she was brilliant.