Spontaneous action

Hello. Last night I did something on the spur of the moment. Within an hour of arriving at my dad’s house,a friend rang to ask me if I wanted to see a rock band. "Oh yes and we can eat out ". Well I paid for it this morning but I’m so pleased I did it. There may well be a blog when I get back next week. Steve


Go Steve! You put two fingers up at MS. Yes you’ve paid the price but it’s so worth it. I’m still paying the price a week on for my few days away but I would do it again in a heartbeat. Mags xx


Good on you Steve! It’s better than being written off.

The reminiscence blog should be good.

It helps knowing folks with some common sense.


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Well done Steve!

It’s usually worth the payback,

Take Care,

Nina x

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Brilliant Steve I’m so impressed, Frazer, myself and Isabelle have booked tickets for a Harry Styles concert. I’m excited but nervous too. It’s not till next year. I’ve got time to prepare myself, I love the fact that you just did it , that’s so spontaneous. Michelle and Frazer xx

Nice one!

I’ve been to one proper rock gig since dx and opted for the band pre-sale tickets, so didn’t take the disabled ticket option as I was far more mobile back then. One of the staff noticed I was struggling with my stick so said they had seating in a reserved section… we ended up sat with two of my mates (known thru the band’s fanclub and then face to face at gigs) so it turned out brilliantly, Rob even knew one of them as she’d stayed over at ours.

The last band I saw was fab as I did get a disabled ticket and hence special seating as a local theatre. It was about time tho, I think I’ve loved Level 42 for about 30-ish years but had never seen them live.

We’ve gotta keep rocking tho

Sonia x