Ignorant pr****k

Haven’t been on for a while but how’s this for a story. I was at a concert last weekend and as one does after a few pints needed to use the toilet. Now the queue at the ladies was epic and there was about 15 people at the disabled toilet. Well you’ve got to have some perks with this disease I thought so politely explained to the couple at the front that I had MS and could I please go next as after all it was a disabled toilet. They told me in no uncertain terms that I couldn’t and should get to the back of the line presumably because I wasn’t in a wheelchair. F that I thought so pointed out that as it was a disabled toilet and I had a genuine disability I would be going next and when the door opened I attempted to enter only to be grabbed by the boyfriend of the couple. Anyway broke free, locked the door was in for no more than a minute but when I came out was grabbed again by the guy flung and pinned against a brick wall and frankly the rest of the queue was egging him on until a steward arrived and rescued me. The police told me it would be unlikely to track him down in the crowd so I did it myself. He was arrested, cuffed and spent a night in the cells. Tosser! I wasn’t aggressive to him and to have someone screaming in your face that you are “a disgrace to disabled people” was really quite alarming. As an ex prison officer I could have decked him myself but would have run the risk of being up for assault myself. What a tough guy, hitting a woman, disabled or not is not big or clever. I got away with bruising- he’s going to have a criminal record and missed half the concert! Result!

I think you`re a credit to all disabled people, and a particularly courageous woman, to have taken the guy on. I hope I would have done the same in your case, including keeping your cool, and not stooping to his level. Well done, you!

What an ignorant lowlife! Glad he was arrested and you’re pressing charges. Sorry you had such a rotten experience :frowning:

I’ve started to carry a walking stick, first time out the house yesterday… I dind’t want to have to rely on it but have come to the realisation I need it and people actually made more space for me, that was a relief (scared I was gonna crash eventually!).

What concert did you go too?

Sonia x

Oh I was hoping nobody would ask that! It was an eighties revival. Missed all of Curiosity Killed the Cat and a good chunk of 5 Star because of him! Unforgivable! He should get life!

I saw Howard Jones at a tiddly little one day festival in Cookham a couple of years ago, the 80’s were brilliant!!! :slight_smile:

Thank you for cheering up my Tuesday morning!


With any luck this information will come out in Court and he won’t look like such a hard man then . I hope you didn’t let this horrid experience ruin the rest of your night.

Tracey x

How awful! Glad you are ok and the idiot is going to get his comeuppance. Some people really do deserve a good sharp shock!

Good 4u! this sort of thing makes ma blood boil! i just hope he gets a kicking in court!! low life! hope you enjoyed the rest of the evening… juju

Kudos to you and what a scum that man is… glad you only got bruises and nothing worse, apart from missing some of the concert, that is dire

You are terrific


Way to go, ail.

And surely you should be due something (like hard cash) for the missing bit of the concert.


Can I ask how you knew/found out that none of the other people in the queue was disabled?


l think it will help if you carry a walking stick - even use one of the folding up types. lt shows the ‘plebs’ - that - yes you do have something wrong with you. - and No - you are not drunk. [As thats how l use to look when trying to walk without]. Disabled loo’s are not just for wheel-chair users. We also need the higher loo and the rail to help you get off the throne.

Daughter and OH are off to the Stones concert Hyde Park - this weekend. Afraid my concert days are over - although l did get to a 60’s night at our local theatre. Amen Corner/Chris Farlowe/Dave Berry/Merseybeats. The whole audience knew all the words and sang along. But it did take a lot of creaking bones for us to do a standing ovation!!!

As part of his punishment he should be made to clean all the disabled toilets

With a toothbrush



As part of his punishment he should be made to clean all the disabled toilets

With a toothbrush



Cheers guys and yes Liz there could have been other disabled people in the queue but I asked the people at the front who weren’t and others could have stood up for themselves and me. Instead I got a baying mob of p****d cretins none of who spoke up. Had that happened I would have course let them go first. I have no issues with people using the disabled toilet. God knows I used to and it is a most handy way of peeing quicker but somebody with a disability should take precedence not get battered or made to feel they are queue jumping. Just as well I didn’t have a stick or he’d still be walking funny. (and then of course be entitled to use that toilet!)


Wow… Your post had me going through a range of emotions; indignation, rage, admiration and hilarity (that was the Curiosity Killed The Cat bit!). Sounds like you’re a force to be reckoned with - let’s hope I never bump into you accidentally in a dark alley or I may find myself trying to politely talk my way out of a half nelson… Well done on sticking up for yourself. Hope he gets what he deserves. But 5 star? Really??

This doesn’t sound like an ORDINARY DAY but I’m glad you brought this MISFIT DOWN TO EARTH. (see what I did there!)

Good for you Aileen. You should’ve dropped him. Self defence. A bit of C & R never hurt anyone!!! For the record, I quite liked Five Star!!! Al

Yeah Al. Lock on! You have to defend yourself “Rain or Shine!”