Well - l am going out!

As someone who rarely goes out socially - this has been an exceptional week. Monday - my friend invited me out to a pub for a meal with other friends. All on the spur of the moment - and did not give me time to think of an excuse not to go. l picked them up and drove [non drinker] and off to a lovely village pub. Even the drive there through pretty countryside was a joy.

The pub was a super friendly place - and they had an offer on for Monday Nights of fish-n-chips. We really enjoyed it all - and also they allowed dogs into the bar. So we met some friendly dogs and there owners. Amazing how dogs [and babies] get people talking together.

Then last night l was invited -by neighbours - to go to the theatre. Pam Ayres was on - and l love her. She is the same age as me - and also a animal lover. My neighbour is a ‘sound technician’ and has worked on most of Pam Ayres performances. So when we got there l met her husband in the foyer. He was selling all the merchandise. l was introduced to him - and he presented me with Pam’s latest book - in which she had put a personal message - signed- for me. As l cannot manage all the stairs etc - we were able to get a ‘box’ at the back. Had a good view - and could stand up and have a stretch when l needed to. Can’t bear sitting for more than a few minutes. So you would not want to be sitting behind me! lts 40 yrs since Pam won Opportunity Knocks. And her life changed - she still enjoys working in small theatres - in travelling distance from her home in Oxfordshire.

l also like writing a few poems. Usually, to add to friends birthday cards - and nearly always rather ‘rude’. So l had written down a couple to give to Pam - signed of course.


Thats so lovely Spacejacket…Its brilliant that you have been on all these adventures…who ever said being spontaneous was over… as you know i love adventures and still love the thrill of feeling " I did it all by myself "

Your friend Pam must really think a lot of you… a personal message just for you! Wow thats amazing!

Thanks for letting us all know its so inspiring when you hear someone elses adventures.

Michelle x

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Sounds like a lovely week SJ, I went to see Calamity Jane at the theatre last weekend and I’ve smiled with the memory of it all week.

Jan x


How lovely SJ so pleased for you.

Pam x

Great SJ, that Biotin is obviously giving you a new lease of life. My scales have now been ordered.


Moyna xxx

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Love it Sounds like you had a fab time. I’m a Victoria Wood fan, the songs are hysterical to me. Yes, maybe the Biotin is working well like Moyna says

Sonia xx

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Brilliant Space Jacket. For most of us that is eye watering spontaneity.

It’s always good to read about success.

Best wishes, Steve. x


AND - l went to a ‘Music Quiz’ at the village hall tonight - organised by the village association. lt was brilliant - 11 rounds of 10 questions plus a picture quiz. l did win a prize - a wooden spoon for coming last. Although we did win the classics round. l was shocked at how l could not remember names of artistes and titles of songs. OK on all the Rolling Stones and Dire Straits. And l did well on the shows/musicals. l was the only one who knew that ‘When you walk through a storm’ was from Carousel. But then l was one of the oldest there. l told them that l thought it was Pointless that we were playing - thats why l got the lowest marks.

Now l am cooking chicken curry/rice/naans.

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Sounds wonderful SJ, I’m pleased you had such a lovely time,

Nina x

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l think the Biotin and Thiamine must be helping more than l thought - and its such early days. Also, l am following the Boron/Borax as well. Two very cheap supplements that l feel are really helping. - lts a marvellous blog - and l was interested because of the pain l have from my joints - especially the replaced ones. And also l have learned so much more about Candida Albicans - l was told years ago by a Natropath that my symptoms were caused by candida. So l am following this very cheap solution - along with the Biotin.

Candida symptoms are pain/mobility/brain fog/vertigo/fatigue. Sounds familiar!

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