Pick your journeys pick your times.

At physio last week, I announced my intention to travel up north.

There were mixed reactions, especially from those used to car travel.

But travel and music broaden the mind. And the weather was nice.


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Well done Steve, there’s no stopping you. I rarely venture to Manchester. I find it very busy and I don’t think the pavements are great for wheelchair users. Last year I went to see Harry Styles with Isabelle and Frazer and after leaving the concert we got dreadfully lost . Everything looks different in the dark and it was pouring down too. I was put off because some parts seemed very scruffy and as if time had forgotten the place . We found our budget hotel in the end but we were all very wet . Do you book travel assistance? I book it for any far away places . It’s brilliant because they look after you last time our train broke down we got a taxi paid for by the travel assistance. Also any inaccessible stations like Hyde Central where my mum lives are sorted out and an alternate transport given . I had a taxi provided from Hyde to Piccadilly on returning from my mum’s. I hope you are doing okay with your treatment Steve. Keep up the adventures. Michelle and Frazer xx

Hi Steve I am glad you enjoyed your trip. I do hope that your treatment goes well so that you can start planning more journeys. I so admire your courage please keep on blogging as you are an inspiration. At the moment I am not even brave enough to admit that I need a wheelchair! Sue