when will i learn.....

ared some wine and chat with a friend yesterday but how i’m paying for it now. am chair bound, have bladder problems need to wear nappies (how delightful) and this morning was unable to stand as my legs had decided to be difficult and remain bent, but after 1 hour of effort i have had a change of nappy, drunk a cup of tea, taken my pills - RESULT. enjoy your day everyone

Enjoy your day too. At least QPR can’t lose today!!! Will we stay up? I think not. Only 12 games to go. Too much ground to make up. I know there is no-one we can blame for our MS, but I blame Mark Hughes for our current predicament!!! Have a good day.

i have to agree with you, but come on u r’sssssss

Hello Dee

Strangely enough I had one of those “when will I learn” moments when I decided that I could drive from Wallasey to Loftus Road, park up in the street, walk to the tube to meet friends in Oxford street, go back on the tube, walk to the ground then take my seat in the stands (away end) down the rather steep steps with no hand rail. Then we (Everton) lost 3-0. I was very late and missed the kick-off! I fell over loads of times and everyone thought I was pxxxxd. Then I had to drive through London to my home in Kent. Visits to football grounds have been rare since then (my condition is now far worse). You’ll need an amazing change of fortune to stay up I’m afraid. Hawwy’s good but he’s no wizard!

Cheers Steve Mc

Steve Must’ve been ages ago if we scored 3!!! Modern grounds do seem more comfortable and easy to navigate, though. Have a look at stadium:mk. It’s fab. And the seats are padded. Ally