Anyone know much about Plegridy?

Afternoon all. Hope everyone’s as well as can be!? Me? I’m suffering listening to my beloved Stoke City losing to Spurs at the mo

Saw my MS nurse last week and after having a look at some of my injection site reactions (I’m on Rebif 44 using the Rebismart) she has offered me the chance to go on to Plegridy. It all sounds pretty good from what I’ve read on it and the nurse gave me a booklet explaining how it works.

I’m wondering if anyone on here has any more info to add? I know it’s a bit of a stab in the dark as I don’t think it’s available just yet but will be any time now. Also be good to hear from other MS’ers who’ve maybe been offered it too?


Sadly no idea about Plegridy, but what a fine comeback by Stoke. I turned the radio off when Stephen Ireland came on and was very surprised when I heard the final score. Enjoy MotD tonight.

Hi there, I posted on the Newly diagnosed forum recently. Third page. :slight_smile:

Ichose it for the ease of use. Twice a month injections suits me. I had my two initiation doses and had my remaining full dose last Monday. It was my first prescription.

How are you getting along with it? I already get the fluey side effects and the site reactions so I think I should be pretty used to whatever side effects come along. Are you getting many side effects? How is the injection itself? Using the Rebismart has been pretty good, some injections hurt more than others but I think that’s just the luck of the draw!

As for the footie the boys did really well to come back. Didn’t really get going in the first half, Stevie Ireland made a massive difference. Up the Potters! :slight_smile: xx

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Have to say I’m not having any side effects. My walking is rubbish, as in I can’t walk for long at all. Not even a slow amble. I am experiencing very stiff legs. Feel like they are “setting”! I’m hoping when I see my Neuro end of the month and hope she might be able to suggest something to help this.