Disability Discrimination

I am just about to challenge every Chairman in the 4 top Football Leagues to visit their ground in a wheelchair after another disappointing experience at Charlton.
FYI I am n a whwelchair. I only saw the far end of the ground because everyone stands up.
As I’ve said before, I must have been among those fans blocking disabled fans’ views when I could walk. I was no saint when I was ambulant.
Other issues: if there’s a fire, how do I get out? This is a problem at my team Watford Football Club with room for only 2 wheelchairs in the lift up to my level in the Graham Taylor stand. The lift would also close in a fire!
We all assume that this will never happen at our ground. My friend Stafford Hegginbotham probably once thought the same when he was Chairman at Bradford.
My parking space wasn’t wide enough at Charlton for a wheelchair. WFC is far better, thankfully.
There are many other issues that I won’t bore you with now but, Gino Pozzo, WFC Chairman, expect a letter. What are your disabled plans for the new Community Stand?
The time for excuses is over. If I want to go to Portman Road, for example, I would have to sit with the Ipswich fans. Would any other away fan do that?

Frank Gardner of the BBC has been copied in with my plans and is following my progress.


Jon Salisbury

Hi jon

mike penning, the disabilities minister wrote to all football league chairmen back in April to highlight their legal obligations.

i hope they have put steps in place to tackle this issue.

good luck with this. It needs challenging.

my team (bradford city) have reasonable facilities.



Hiya Jon, at the ground of my team, Celtic, there are certain seats with headphones, in the main stand at pitch level for the visual impaired, and at both ends of the ground are a elevated area for a total of more than fifty wheelchairs plus seating for each carer, also the kiosks in the areas have a workgroup counter to suit, Brian

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