am I being unreasonable?

been a supporter at my local football club a long time.

With various physical problems have now applied for a seat in the Disabled Stand - nothing available - long waiting list.

Seat would have cost £320 - would have been happy to pay that.

Been offered a seat in one of the indoor boxes at £750 for the season. (this is cost for everyone)

Is it unreasonable for me to request a seat in one of the boxes at the price of a seat in the Disabled Stand?

Should I be financially penalised because the Club hasn’t enough ‘Disabled seating?’

I uae to be a regular at the match, standing on the Kop at home and going to as many away matches as i could. But i’ve not been in years now, When i started going at the beginning of the Shankley era, i paid 1/6d to go in the boys pen, and players had more passion, and were proud to wear the shirt. I think modern football has been ruined by the amount of money splashing about in it, and the star players will leave tomorrow if they get a better off. And it’s the fans paying for it.

I’m still an ‘armchair supporter’ and hope they win, but if i wanted to go the match, i’d start looking for one of the local smaller teams.

Personally out decency I think the club should at the very minimum offer a discount, but that just my opinion.

The problem is though, how many seats should they allocate as disabled seating, how long is a piece of string ?

The argument for more disabled seating could be opened up at almost any public place, buses, trains, cinemas, concerts, restaurants, the list is probably endless.

I would imagine theres an health & safety protocol that these places have to follow, just in case of an emergency evacuation ?

Is this a big club that could easily afford the discount or even to sway the cost, or a struggling lower legue club that needs every penny just to keep ticking over ?

Maybe you can write to the chairman of the club, explaining your love of football and in particular this club, also mention that you are prepared to pay, like you have done for many years, but under the circumstances is there a possibility of some sort of goodwill gesture discount, just for this season ?

You never know, he may decide to offer the seat at the disabled price or even offer one for free for the season, stranger things have happened.

Hope you get some joy.


On similar lines,

My GP’s surgery has almost 12,000 patients on it’s list, 12,000, about 2 years ago they had a refit and built a large extension, that extended into the car park, which meant replanning the layout of the car park, they now have one, yes one disabled parking bay and 28 “normal” bays, just to add bit of insult to injury, this single disabled bay is located at the other side of the car park furthest away from the main entrance.

On a good day there might be up to 8 doctors at the surgery, without including other staff and nurses, probably another 10 people, they open the doors at 8am and they all park in some of these 28 “normal” spaces, even though theres another shared free car park at the rear of the surgery.

Does your club comply with the good practice guide? Start at page 73 to check capacity requirements. It seems 14 out of 20 premiership clubs now meet official guidelines. Wheelchair access at Premier League grounds improved after campaigning | Soccer | The Guardian

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Good tip whammel

Hello, there may be disability access rights? and it may be worth writing to your MP and your local press, to highlight the fact that there is a waiting list for people with disabilities to see the football.

You are therefore, in my opinion, being absolutely reasonable. Good luck x