Football supporter here

Keen football supporter, had Season Ticket at my local club for many years. Time has come to move into the disabled stand - but this stand is full -

I have been offered a seat in one of the Executive boxes (accessible by a lift) but have been told I have to pay what is double the cost of a seat in disabled stand.

Is charging me double reasonable?

my friend is a newcastle supporter with a passionate hatred of man utd.

however he went to old trafford to watch newcastle and was full of praise for the ground.

maybe it’s because they are a wealthy club but common decency and humanity cost nothing.

can your team afford bad publicity which is what they’d get if you went to the papers.

maybe you could write to them, telling how disappointed you are.

It’s not unusual for some clubs (not necessarily football clubs) to have a waiting list to join, you often have to wait for someone to die before a new member can join.

I’m not seeing any difference here, unless double the disabled rate is more than anyone else is paying for those same facilities.

Spurs supporter since 1958.

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Things are slowly changing with regard to disabled section at football grounds. My club is extending it’s disabled section, but when it is completed it still will not be big enough to hold all it’s disabled fans. I would try and shame you club as it does not feel right that you will have to pay double. However, as long as the club is within the disability laws I think you may have to pay the money.

Hi, I think it’s unreasonable. I’m a disabled season ticket holder at Sunderland and it’s carer goes free. Not surprisingly Sunderland AFC have plenty of disabled spaces available!!