Disabled supporter

A disabled supporter turns up for a football match at his football ground. Told all ‘disabled spaces’ are full and is refused entry.

Is the club in the wrong legally for doing this?

Could the supporter sue the club?


The club is within its rights. There is a health & safety rule that the club must follow. If a non-disabled person turned up and the event was sold out then the club is within its rights to turn them away.


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a friend of mine who has ms cannot praise the manchester united ground at old trafford highly enough.

he is full of praise for their disabled facilities although he is a newcastle united supporter!

maybe the supporter you mention should contact the ground beforehand and make sure that he will get a disabled space.

carole x

be interesting to know which club this was.I support leeds united and go to every game home and away using my wheelchair.

theres a very wide ranging level of both wheelchair spaces and levels of access at football grounds.unfortunatly hardly any football club has any where near the amount of wheelchair spaces it should do.its even worse if your an away supporter

theres a good website that lists every clubs wheelchair provision for both home and away supporters think its level playing field

my advice would be to contact the club you want to go to as early as posible before you want to law they should provide a free ticket for a helper if you need one .


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Interesting you should praise Old Trafford. I’m a Rugby League fan and have attended Challenge Cup finals at Wembley and Twickenham as well as Grand Finals at Old Trafford. For Blue Badge parking:

Wembley - £12 for a multistory 200 yards from the stadium

Twickenham - £16 to use the disabled bays in the local Tesco (1/4 mile away)

Old Trafford - Free to park within the ground in a bay 30 feet from the turnstile!

As for wheelchair places inside the stadium, I believe there was legislation brought in recently for a minimum number (% of capacity perhaps) but a lot of clubs are still plating catch up with this.