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On the surface this has nothing to do with MS. But I think those of us who have battled bravely as warriors have a right to be exasperated by the machinations of the ex-England manager and so many others who are blinded by privilege and greed. If only they knew. here are my thoughts if you wish to read them:

Best wishes, Steve.

What an interesting blog. I am not that interested in what passes for football. The money and commercialism have trashed the sport. I can not understand how SAs stupidity and greed are the fault of the journalists. What would happen if the players and managers were paid based upon the results they deliver (or not)

if I want to watch creative or interesting football I watch women’s football, although I am sure that as big money gets involved the creativity and artistry will be subsumed.

Cynical… moi?


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Hiya Steve - your blog was a great read and I really enjoyed it!

I don’t really follow football but I always look at the results of Newcastle and Sunderland as I have a black and white cat who is gutted that Newcastle are no longer in the Premier League along with a Black Cat who is delighted!

Heck I sound like a sad person but I’m not!

Sue xx

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You know what, I cheered for England when Allardyce became coach of the national team. You finally had a true Brit to lead ‘the millionaires’… As a dutchman it reminded me of EURO 1988 when Holland became european champions (and what a party it was in Amsterdam!), this under the wings of Rinus Michels who had had success after success in the past.

Only Allardyce’s past was not that impressive. He had never been coach of a top team, and did he not, together with his son, fiddle with money related deals in the past?

Whatever, ‘we’ now had a true English coach who would reinvent England to become one of the major competitors in world football again…

How very very sad that he has already gone, as he had to go of course! Are they going to look for a foreign coach again or…?

If so, please do not take on someone like Van Gaal! (too big/ loud for his own shoes/ mouth…). Perhaps an idea to put Southgate more forward, even if he hasn’t got the necessary papers yet? Does experience not count?

Good luck England, perhaps ‘Big Sam’ misbehaved at the right time. Why is that song of ABBA coming up on my mind all the time… MONEY MONEY MONEY… You know what, I ‘like’ money to a certain extent, but it becomes a problem when greed takes over.

Excuse me for now, I have won 25.- on the lottery and I’m going to buy my wife some flowers… (and a new ticket……).



congratulations on the win.


Personally, I like the work Southgate has done with the under 21’s and we hardly have much to loose, do we? Not exactly Holland in 1974, but they were truly brilliant and changed our understanding of football.

Sadly, Big Sam is just a very greedy dinosaur and can now spend more time with his money.

Hi Steve

I’m a massive footy fan and we watch footy every night in our house.

I AM a massive fan of Big Sam, especially when he was Manager of West Ham. I feel sorry for him and all the others that are being framed by The Telegraph.

I reckon Alan Pardew would make a good England Manager but whoever it is they best watch their backs.

Shazzie x

…thank you for reminding me of 1974 whammel… One of those moments that I hate the fact that my long term memory is much better than the short version…

BTW Mick, talking about short term memory loss… I forgot the flowers…

NB Not the ticket, I still remember a story in the paper, many years ago, in which ‘a husband’ bought his wife flowers because of which he did not have enough money left for a lottery ticket (and he always used the same numbers…), but he said that he did not regret it…his wife disagreed…

I know I know, what a horrible person I am…, my defence has always been that, if I had been the unfortunate husband but WOULD have bought the ticket, I could have bought my wife the nicest bouquet every single day! (and at the same time donating significant amounts to charitable organizations of course…).


The intention was there (which counts…a bit) As the long term memory kicks in you can buy flowers on any random day and all will be well.

Here is to the next win, hope it isa good one.


Shazzie agree that Pardew would be good but how can you honestly say ‘framed by The Telegraph’. He could have walked away, not got involved and said nah mate bit dodgy this business. Then there would have been no story and he’d still be the manager. But he didn’t, he happily got caught trying to make dodgy money deals. ENTIRELY his own fault. Not the first time he’s been caught out either.

Yes, Ginsozzled is quite right, he could have walked away … …

Here is a guy on £3,000,000 a year, and he still wants to make a bit more on the side,
Makes even bankers look good!


…I’m glad the FA followed up my advice for making Southgate coach of the national team…four wins already! Just waiting for cheque…