Football, politics and a smear of jingoism

I hope you are still fighting the fighf and your focus is clear. I cannot really believe what I'm hearing today from the wireless and seeing on the box.


Alex Salmond has told David Cameron he wants Scotland away from England. Let him go right now. Scotland cannot even organize the tax on half of its most famous institution..................Rangers, from the 'Old Firm'. What will they find to fight over without it?


Let's cut them loose now being very careful not to pay the tax owing. I thought there were teams of media experts to stop brain damaged patriots like me reaching over simplistic conclusions like this, and spouting about it


Whilst I'm alienating parts of the Kingdom,I loved the report from Wales a while back about the poor literacy rates in their teenagers. I need to know was this failing in English or Welsh? Wait until the Welsh Assembly start paying their own paint bill.


If I have amused,offended, made one person on here think, and another reach for the key board my work is done.



And, in the same vein as Wb, how about: Home Rule for England!

Scotland, Northern Ireland, and Wales, they all have their own National Assemblies - why cannot England have the same?

Westminster is the seat of the British parliament, and effectively of the Parliament of Great Britain.

England has no National Assembly of its own!

Yes, I know, it suits the politicians and the civil service to overlook this, but I have a deep rooted objection to Scottish, Etc, Etc, politicians discussing purely English affairs.

And, never mind the problems with Rangers, why do I have to pay to leave England for Wales (via the Severn Bridge) when it is free for anyone from Wales to come into England?  Actually, I don't pay - my Blue Badge gets me a free crossing.  So, why then do I have to pay to cross the Tamar Road Bridge to get from Devon to Cornwall?

Think about these things ...


Maybe you guys should form the ENP.


You have managed all three with me. What on earth makes you think that all Scots give a two penny hoot about Rangers - or any football team.


i do give hoot whats your problem with scots im a teddy bear but im not bothered about that im bothered about the english still trying to run scotland we dont need all there nuclear weapons sitting in scotland

It used to be much easier to have an animated debate on here. WWF........................    Wit,Wisdom + Friendship was the very essence of the place.


There is no fun in having a pointless row with private messages. A very wise Mod once told me that distraction, even for a few moments from 'The real world' was a good thing for everybody on here




ps   She knows who she is

I have no problem with Scots - I am one.