Hello all,

I have just returned from a morning out, shopping in town. I can handle this pretty well, but there is one area of town that I can’t even contemplate entering, and the reason for this is because it can only be accessed via an escalator. Whenever I am on one, for some reason I feel as though my knees are being forced in the direction of where the stairs are going. I usually end up in a pile at the bottom of the stairs, and various other shoppers seem to assume that I have just come out of a bar! This is very embarrassing, so I just ignore that side of town now. Does anyone else have this problem? If you do I feel for you.

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I don’t go into town or “population dense” area as I keep falling over, even ith 2cutches. I did it yesterday, I moved around ozone, got my cruch stuck between my lower legs and “dived” on the floor, landing on my knee before praling out. Felt such a muppett when 2 blokes offered me a hand up, like I had sommat wrong with me. My daughter,wo is used to this piped up he’s not had a few he’s got MS-top kid. Mike

I’ll be very surprised if it can ONLY be accessed by escalator. What do wheelchair users do? My bet is there’s a lift or ramp somewhere you don’t know about.

That aside, I’ve always had dodgy balance on escalators, even since childhood. Either I’ve had MS a whole lot longer than anybody reckons, or I’m just “not very good with escalators”.

I find moving pavements even worse, for some reason, although you’d think it would be better if it’s on the flat. I’m sure I could never use a treadmill, and I have a fear of having to go for medical tests that required it, because I know I’d never be able to do them. And my walking is quite good, on solid ground, so not that - just something about it moving.


Yes my balance is too bad for escalators these days and so use a lift, (if there is one) and there usually is (so far so good).


Hello Wendy, Tina and Mike,

I agree that there must be another way of getting to those elusive shops, but where it is I have no idea. When I am next in town (next week) I will make a definate effort to find it, or pin a member of staff down to ask. My Mum also refuses to use escalators, but that it because she saw a horrific accident take place on one that involved screaming and a lot of blood. I have never had a phobia about them, it is just that my legs (as if they can see) seem to take on a different personality to my eyes. Very weird.