Shopping difficulty

Hi all just a short one to share with you, and some of you may have been in this position.
Bit of background. Currently I can’t walk well, I use 2 sticks and a regularly overtaken by a tortoise. I get a sudden urge to go for a wee. I regularly fall over as my balance is bad and suffer from dizzy spells. I do not drive at the min.

As I have no been out to the shop for ages I saw this day as an excuse to go get a bottle of wine, get some stuff from the craft hop and get. Game for the wii for my sons birthday. Not a great problem, pre diagnosis it wasn’t, but now.
We had just left craft shop and got in the car, I said I had to go to the look, a large supermarket was near so I could to the loo and get the game.
We parked in a disabled spot and I got out to get my sticks from the boot. I slipped and fell and landed in the trolley park admiring the roof. I landed on my knee.
Got up and hobbled even slower to the shop. Normally the WC is at the front, not here, at the back of a large out of town supermarket.
Finally found it and the door was locked, with a note on it to get the key from th electrical desk.
Walk around orner and there is a que of 10-15 people trying to get seved, do I que up and risk embarrassing myself of do I go to the cafe to se the loo.
Got the lift and walked back on myself on to go foe a wee-just got there.
Just shows the UKs largest supermarket put loads of thought in it


Hi Mike,

I suggest you write to them about your experience.

It's unlikely they'll find out about it by coming here and reading.

I wonder how many other people it's happened to, who didn't report it - hence no rectification of the situation?

If you tell them, there's a chance they might fix it.




       l know - when they built the new Tesco - by us - they put the loos such a long way from the entrance. Keep a plastic bottle in the car for emergencies. Have you tried using the shopmobility scooters - l know it took me a long time to admit l would be safer on one then struggling and falling. But once l did it - l know l can carry all typed of large and heavy shopping on the running board - back to the car. They even call some of those scooters 'Pride' - and its forgetting your pride you need to first use one. Now l am a happy scooterer - go all over the fields and woods with my dogs on my Tramper - just been to-day - through deep water and mud.

Also, Mike - if you are having incontinence problems - do consider taking LDN - it works so well on giving back control of your bladder - and 'pride'.