Who saw the eclipse?

I was lying in bed at 9.10 am and thought gosh it’s dark in here. Must be a storm coming in. Forgot all about the eclipse!

Anyone see it?

Q: How does the man on the moon get his hair cut?

A: Eclipse it.


Have a good first day of Spring everyone!

Pat xx

It got a bit dull here, nothing exciting I’m afraid.

Jan x

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When theres an eclipse it makes me start thinking really deeply,last time there was one in 1999 my parents were still here ,and they say the next total eclipse is in 2090 wow,mind boggling or what lol…it went really dark here and very cold,and the birds were totally confused,i do find it all amazing though

J x

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Up here in Scotland it was really cool to see! It was really clear to see, and it was eerie when it went really dark. Glad I seen it.

Polly xxxx

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I also couldnt resist the urge to look at it, but i did, as i didnt have any special glasses, wish i had done though as it was quite sunny here in Leeds.

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We saw it

Me and Frazer and my Carer… it was amazing it went really dark and then i remembered that i wasn’t meant to stare at it. That was at 9:30 in Frodsham Cheshire. its funny because Frazer [assistance dog] was behaving a bit strangely he suddenly stopped and decided to have a poo as we were crossing the road… think he was trying to mark the occasion!

Michelle x

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Nothing of note in the Crowborough cloud this morning. Looks like I’m destined to add it to the list of things I’ll never see: The Taj Mahal, The Northern Lights, The Grand Canyon, Everton win the premiership, etc. Still, despite the beast, I have a lot to be thankful for. I’m glad those who saw it found it memorable.

Best wishes, Steve.

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It went darker here, but what I couldn’t get over, was how terribly cold it went, either to. Do with the eclipse…or maybe just me.

Pam x

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Pam they said on the news how much the temperature plummeted… and the birds stopped singing! Can understand how our ancestors thought it was the end of the world.

So no, wasn’t just you.

Pat xx

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Saw it, in awe… All the birds fell silent, which added to the atmosphere.


Here in Margate it was so cloudy it just went a bit dull but loved the Telly coverage


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Sad to say I slept through it! Saw some lovely photos from the surrounding counties though!

Nina x

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