Unidentified flying object!

There’s this big thing in the sky over London… it’s so bright you can’t look at it… it’s lit up the whole sky… everything looks strangely beautiful…

Oh it just disappeared behind the never-ending huge bank of grey cloud.

Whatever it was only appeared for a few minutes and then was gone.


Oh hang on… someone just said it is called ‘The Sun’…!!!

Pat x

It’s all very well that strange unaccountable thing appearing but it also needs to emit some warmth! How long can these conditions continue? Hope is fading… Teresa xx

not sure Teresa, someone today was saying that this weather was going to last well into April, brrr…!!

Lisa x

yes we had that object today for a short while, hope that wasnt summer ang x

We had bit of sun in South Wales today(have to get used to saying the word sun again) This time last year my nephew 3rd birthday and we had BBQ out back garden,this year in house with heating on Come on sun brighten up our lives Steve

I thought the only thing we got in this country called the sun was something with scantily clad ladies who were lacking in the brain department.

Chin up gang, it will come back and maybe we will need Happy Easter everyoneMy neighbour brought me a slab of carrot cake yesterday It’s good to share, calories??? Who cares M

Yes, my hubby said to me this morning, “the sun is shining” but as

per usual, I blinked and missed it!!

Have a good Easter everyone.

Pam x

Lovely sun here in west yorks too. If it wasnt for the snow/ice piles in the garden, I`d swear it was summer outside. Then someone opened the front door and I knew I was wrong!

Hey-ho, it HAS to happen at some time…maybe in May, when me and 2 of my carers hit Blackpool, for 3 nights

luv Pollx

There was a brief moment in Waitrose car park in Crowborough when that elusive, seemingly moribund object flourished a pale watery glow reflecting a satin-like ephemeral sheen across the home delivery vans. Within seconds the swirling clouds once more cast their dark shadow of sorrow over the deserted plane, leaving little more than a faint memory of its wretched existence. “Fear not,” shouted the orange clad figure, propelling his silver train towards the shelter of the entrance hall. “For it is always with us, burning through the blanket of despair.”

Glad you said it was the sun I wondered if it might have been a flapjack

Actually went out in the sun today. Was bloody freezing!!! A quick Chinese lunch and home again. Brrrrr…

Steve Snore that is a brilliant piece of pros!

Wishing all of you lovely ppms peeps a happy Easter weekend.

M… I was watching drama ‘Wodehouse in Exile’ on BBC iplayer last night (brilliant by the way) and at one point Wodehouse, who was interned by the Nazi’s, said ‘My head is bloody but unbowed’. I remember you put that on here once. Only a few small words but they mean so much.

Pat xxx

Morning All.

l do hope that big yellow thing stays in the sky over humberside, we need it l am told this is the temp for january may be summer ( hush don t say that word to loud ) will be a nice one. You all take care keep warm. love to all

regards Jan