Anyone feel strange this morning? My vision went weird and I felt very weak. Still feel a bit funny now and wondering if anyone else felt the same.

Scientifically speaking, I cannot see how there could be any connection.

​I think an eclipse is always a bit eerie for everyone. Here (Bristol) the light turned very yellow, and it looked - and felt - as if we were going to have a storm.

Can’t see how it could possibly affect symptoms though, unless purely psychologically, or you have been naughty and looked directly at the sun.

I must admit, I found the latter hard to resist, despite all the dire warnings - it’s natural to WANT to look. I glanced through net curtains, but didn’t go out and stare at it. I did step outside the front door just to sample the light and atmosphere, and see if the birds stopped singing - which they didn’t - but did seem temporarily subdued.



Hi Nk15

No change for me. Just my normal, confused and dizzy self

Hi Funny you should say this, I didn’t put it down to the eclipse, but now you have me thinking. I CANNOT always tell hours before when there is going to be a thunderstorm, this morning I woke up feeling dizzy, headache and felt like I was going to be sick, this is how I feel before a thunderstorm! Must have been atmospheric. Feeling better now though, hope you are too.

Don’t know where the capital CANNOT came from, lol, should have said ‘can’

NOT glad I’m the only one. At least it didn’t last too long and I’ve got my appetite back too. Knew there was something wrong when I didn’t want chocolate. x

It was cloudy here but it did go cold and dark. I did get a flash back to my first episodes of M.S. in 1999 so it could have been on my mind. Nicki x

You keep smiling though! x

Did I tell you I will be flying off to Rome a week next Monday Nk15. Just thought I’d slip that into the conversation

That will be in 10 gerrups carole if yah reads this


Hope you have a lovely time. Our holiday days are over due to hubby’s health. Never mind! x

Aww, sorry to hear that.

This is our first one in years. It’s just for four nights, which is enough for me.

You know where I am if you want to chat