Who Has Had Botox?

Today I had the big accident that was coming, fortunately not at work, but in Sainsburys! The trolley couldnt hide much, certainly not for the back as my pants were so wet. Rang the District Nurse to see if I can upgrade the pads but she wants an appointment first and then said she wont be able to see me for the next week. New job means I often cant even get to a toilet for a couple of hours or more, which probably caused such a bad overflow today. Cant wait for my next Urologist appointment as he’s promised to do the Botox if the latest (betmiga) medication doesnt work. Well it hasnt, like the three other meds before it. My concern is that I might have to self-catheter with Botox. What happens if you forget to take some catheters to work. Is there any way to improvise in that situation or would you have to go to a chemist?

Hi mrbowen

Sorry to read about your little mishap! Definitely worth reposting on ‘Everyday Living’.

I’m not sure that you have the right audience on here

Good luck.

Tracyann x

Yep, I bet you were not best pleased. I hope they get you sorted out soon. I’ve only just started with the bladder experience, fortunately it seems to have calmed down. I hope you get an appointment soon to get it sorted xx

Thanks Tracyann and Bev. Actually, the nurse arranged for someone else to phone back today. Apparently I have to keep a bladder diary for a week and take a cup to work to measure urine output and weigh the pads. Dont see why she cant just take my word for it that I need something that absorbs faster. Will also repost

Well, sounds like you’re on your way to getting it sorted out. I suppose they just want to be completely sure of what’s going on, I suppose then your treatment options will vary. Keep us posted and good luck xx