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This may be an old question or a very odd one but I wondered if anyone has experienced the same thing. I get bladder incontinence and tend to avoid diuretic drinks. However I do drink alcohol (normally moderately) and have noticed a big difference between red and white wine. Red wine will have a bit more of a diuretic affect, but no more than any other alcohol. White wine, on the other hand, goes straight through me and makes me need the toilet a lot more urgently.

Has anyone else experienced this or have any idea why?

I drink white but not red very often so can’t really compare. But I would always drink more if it’s white so that could be why.

This needs some research - I’ll start this evening.

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It’s lager for me! I love lager and lime but pee more than I drink so it’s a rare pleasure!




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Merlot Rules, OK!

Actually, my capacity is now down to one glass (and even another half glass is overdoing it).
While I do prefer red (particularly after having tried the delight of chilled Beaujolais) I will make an exception in the case of the Moelleaux style wines of SW France, and one or two of the wines from Alsace.

I have not noted any effect of that glass of red on my independently minded bladder - it just does it’s own thing.


Geoff, I hadn’t thought of extending my research to assess the comparative effect of different whites. I have a Sancerre to compare with a good old Pinot Grigio - quality versus quantity - this week.

As MS studies go, this is most pleasant. Thank you Sam!


There was me thinking I was asking a sensible question and I seem to have prompted a major sess(ion).

I hope no-one ends up all night on the loo on my account but I do raise a ,metaphorical glass to you all.l.


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Yes Sam, I have noticed difference. I’m probably more a red wine drinker but also enjoy white, I too have noticed a quickening (even more so) of needing loo after a glass of white, maybe it’s a temperature thing?

I hate loo but love wine (ms=moderation of course !!!)

I love red wine. I find that I need to go to the loo a lot more after the second bottle. Not sure about white. I’ll check.


Glass of white - need loo in 30 minutes . Glass or two of red - 3 hours.

think it must be the temperature .

I’ve done plenty of field-work on this one, Sam, but detected no difference between red and white.


Wish I could manage 3hours even without wine! I will keep trying…

Yes, my capacity is 1 glass, maybe 2 (with food!) - I think I might just fall asleep if I had more!

I can’t say I’ve noticed any difference with either red or white.

But my wine drinking habits have changed a little. I might generally prefer to drink white but shortly after I was diagnosed, I stole a tip on here about a glass of red being quite good with any tremory type stuff. I did have an occasional tremor with my left hand and yes, a glass of red works quite well on tremors

Sonia x

10 year old Rioja seems to go down well. White is a bit more diuretic. There’s a very interesting white made from a grape called cojones del gato. Not tried that yet, as I’m discovering the wonderful world of premium gin. No tonic. Just ice. Tonic has me rushing to the loo.

I have to say tha speaking as a scientist it is great to see so many people taking their research so seriously.

Speaking as a drinker it’s great to see so many people enjoying the good things in life.





I’ll drink white if I’m asked nicely, no effects.

Red is my poison. Rioja.


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OK, K, I know what conjones are, but what is del gato?


Cojones deal gato (cat’s balls). It’s a white wine. It has competition from Cepas del Mar which means Seaside Grapevines, which are grown approximately 500 kilometres from the sea.

I still prefer a good Rioja. Our local wine is okay,but we can buy a 10 year old Rioja for 4 euros. Mmmmmm. Not that we drink each day.


i used to drink beer or lager but nowadays i can feel it fermenting inside me - yuck!

never mind, there are still nice bottles of rioja and merlot.

then a gin and tonic.

today i’ve been visiting value supermarkets and having an eye for a bargain not to mention an eye for a nice spirit, i bought a bottle of single malt from aldi @ £12 - it’s lovely.

i bought a bottle of cognac from lidl @ £10.

so that’s me sorted!


carole x

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