Where to live in the UK?

I am American, married to a UK citizen, and will be moving to the UK within the next two years. I am not familiar with the NHS at all, but what I gather from the reading I’ve done is that MS treatment/services really vary according to where one lives. Please correct me if I am mistaken about that.

I have great mobility problems and if things continue as they have been, I will be using a wheelchair part of the time in the near future. Right now. I drive and do most things independently. Not easy, but I do my best, albeit quite slowly.

My first question is where would be the best place for someone with MS to live? Is there one area which offers better care and support services than others? Places you would not recommend?

Believe me, I realize there are huge differences in our healthcare systems, but for now I am just trying to make the best decision possible.

Any input/opinions would be welcome.

Hello there Joy.

There’s been no answers so I thought I’d say hi and waffle a little.

We all groan a lot about doctors, but it’s the same as anywhere, a lot of it is down to the person who is treating you at the time as to the service you recieve.

For instance I have a fabulous neuro that I only ever once a year, no local gp (just a bunch of random locums - harrumph) and a wonderful but predictably overworked ms nurse.

I don’t know much and I’m probably wrong, but I have an inkling that not all brands of medication are supported by all local authorities… What immuno-suppressant do you currently use? Might be something worth looking into on your hunt.

Personally I live in brighton on the south coast. And the biggest warning lightbulb for me about your post was that I’ve always thought that Brighton doesn’t seem to be a wheelchair friendly place. It’s evolved rather than been planned and space was always limited by natural geography. Pavements full of wheelybins, very narrow passages etc etc.

Anyway, good luck with the move!



I can only comment on my own location but I think services for people with MS are pretty good in Leeds.

We have a dedicated clinic with neurologists, MS Nurses and physiotherapist all who specialize in MS. There is hospital transport if you are not able to drive or have anyone to take you (it’s SLOW with lots of waiting around but at least it exisits)

There is also a team of psychologists, occupational therapists and physiotherapists who help to keep people living independently in society.

I don’t know what the drug situation is like because I am SP and don’t take any medication.

The biggest advantage to living in Leeds is that it’s in Yorkshire. Of course you will get differing opinions but THIS is God’s own county.


If I didn’t live in Northumberland, which has excellent services, my next option would be Yorkshire !!!

Hi Joy, and ha, ditto Jane! We are also in Gods Own county! Were about 20 miles from Wendels.

Although I have seen about 14 neuros, over as many years and they have been baffled by my condition and changed my diagnosis a few times, the other services I have used have given me excellent help.

These include Social Services care team, Occupational Therapist (11 out 10 to them), physiotherapy, wheelchair services, district nurses (another 11 out of 10 to them) dentistry, ENT (ear, nose and throat) General Practitioner, Community Matron, Continence Service, housing for the elderly, Urology…if I have left anyone out, sorry about that.

I have a friend in USA who has MS and tells me horrendous stories about finding affordable treatment. I really worry for her.

Good luck with the move and finding good services.

luv Pollx

I’m in liverpool… Walton neuro are just fab

Hi I live in scotland and I have had great support from the NHS both my neurologist and my ms nurse are both great no complaints apart from the weather .I hope you find somewhere soon.Anne.

Hi, Had great treatment in Cornwall and beautifull place to live.

I used to live in the West Midlands. My neuro care at Wolverhampton was horrendous so I self referred to Sandwell Hospitals and ended up with an MS nurse at City hospital Birmingham. The nurses were good but my neuro was not! I then moved to Leicestershire. My care is under Leicester General and the whole team are excellent. The nurses are fantastic and the first year I was there I had referrals to so many different teams to sort out continence, pain, memory etc… All of which my old MS nurses would just advise on coping mechanisms. I cannot fault the care here and the council (not related to MS) is also better than Sandwell council. I just find the whole area better for me and my health/wellbeing. Where I am is in the countryside but not isolated. I am 30mins drive from Leicester city centre and 40 mins to Birmingham, Solihull, derby and Nottingham… So plenty of choices!

Hi, I live in Kent and the help and support is brilliant. Janet x

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Northern Ireland has the best care out of the whole UK. That’s a known fact. We thankfully have a great care system. But depends on where you partner wants to live, and work. Thankfully I have. Great neuro and two Ms nurses to call upon. PM me if you want any more info. Take care in mean time. BE

I’m in Sheffield, and the services here have been excellent. It’s also a very friendly, laid back city (men happily call other men ‘duck’ & ‘love’!), it’s got the lowest crime rate of any city in the UK, it’s in the north so doesn’t get too hot compared to the south (a bonus if heat makes your symptoms worse), and you have the beautiful Peak District national park right on your doorstep.

On the downside for wheelchair use, it’s very hilly (I’m a wheelchair user myself, and my arms have definitely gotten stronger!)


i live in greater manchester and there’s a hospital in salford (salford royal) where i see my neuro.

also have an outpatients neuro clinic in bolton.

i havent been treated badly here.

looks like all the replies you have had are full of praise for their local health services.

good luck with your move

carole x

The National Hospital at Queen Sq London are fantastic.


Charing cross hospital in London near hammersmith is fantastic - apparently its the leading hospital in the uk for ms and ms trials.

has to be Leeds great ms clinic the best nueros and all situated in the very best county Yorkshire the most beautiful friendly county plus we Yorkshire folk have a sense of humour and we do like to talk sometimes you just can,t shut us up that because we,re we get on with everyone .

Well how refreshing to read of so many satisfied customers, with great care.

Take note that at least 3 of us from Yorkshire are in that gang!

Made any decisions yet?


I can’t fault the care I’ve received to date in Colchester (Essex) and I’m in very easy travelling distance of London (55 mins on the train), the airport (35 mins by car to Stansted or about two hours to Heathrow or Gatwick), while still being in a nice, quiet, friendly area. Plus we’re easy travelling distance to Suffolk and Norfolk for days out and holidays! Personally I would say it depends on what work you or your partner need to find, plus budget. London and the South East are very expensive property-wise and Essex is still above average, so that could be a major factor. But I would personally never move away as the opportunities for hubby’s work are better as he commutes to London.

I’m West Yorks too and totally agree with Mistymoo that Leeds has the best Neuros & were a friendly lot too :slight_smile: Sue