What's it like where you live?

I’ve not been on the forum in ages, but I could really use some help please?

I want to move from London to somewhere more rural. I’d love to live by the sea, but I could move anywhere in UK. My worry is moving and then finding out too late that the local MS care is rubbish. I haven’t a clue how to find out where’s good other than ask people so I wondered if you could tell me what access to MS nurses and MS specialists as well as meds, physio, OT, etc, is like where you live? Would you recommend your area? Or have you heard of somewhere that’s supposed to be good?

Thanks in advance!

The beautiful Prestwick in South West Scotland which is by the sea has great MS care. Great access to MS nurses, neurologist and rehabilitation centre which has physios etc there. We also have a local branch where people with MS meet but have not been there as my daughter is the one with MS and she is only 16 so there is no one there her age. Linda x

Hi PJs, I don’t suppose it necessarily follows but perhaps the more rural/isolated the area you move to - the less extensive their medical facilities are. In the larger cities it seems there is more funding for the big city hospitals. Having said that, I am close to Southampton which has a great neurological dept but serves masses of people, therefore waiting times are very long! Also, the MS nurses seem to be too busy to give much personal care! Good luck in your search! Teresa xx

I live on the Isle of Sheppey (Kent) and I can’t fault the treatment I’ve had. :slight_smile:

I live in a little market town attached to Leeds.

We have all the benefits of a semi rural location (right next door to the dales) with fabulous walking and scenery but yet benefit from the amenities provided by a large town. The MS services in Leeds are really good but I don’t have to live in an urban area to access them.

There must be lots of places like this round the country where you can have the best of both worlds.


Have a look at the Wirral,a peninsula between Wales and the Liverpool coastline.You’d come under Walton Neuro.Opinions vary,but the ‘Search’ facility on here may help you,

Be lucky,


Hi there, whatever you do, don’t move to Cornwall, the MS care here is non existant. I don’t have access to an MS nurse, or a neuro and there is no funding for a lot of the drugs that would help me. I have been told by other people that the care they get down here is good though, so maybe it is just because i’m young or they don’t like me or something. I’m just telling you my experience. I could very much do with some support at times, but i don’t get any. Good luck with the move, love Bex xxx

Hi, I live in East Renfrewshire, within a suburb on the south edge of Glasgow Scotland.

The Neuro Glasgow care I have found is second to none, excellent Neuro Consultants and MS Nurse, always willing to advice and help. I also have great local support care, via GP, MS support nurse, continence sister, OT, physio etc.



Hiya. I’m in Scarborough. Plenty of sea and scenery here but not so sure about MS care. Used to have a neurologist years ago when I was R/R, but not now I’m in S/P, as “there’s nothing they could do”. Even 6-monthly appointments with head of stroke unit have been stopped. In hospital recently having dx of continual migraine changed to occipital neuralgia, but only saw ward doctor all week, and GP won’t refer me to the hospital neuro. For years SH had no neurologist at all, after the (very nice) one who came through from Hull twice a week, stopped doing so. At one time there were 2 MS nurses -now there’s just one Neurology Nurse, but I don’t even see her. There are no facilities here for MS patients as far as I know though there is a branch of the MS Society. A friend who lives in Cheshire has it all -therapy centres, pain clinics and neurologists galore, though she pays for some of her treatment, and she still drives, so has access to specialists in big cities like Liverpool. Don’t think there’s much seaside where she lives though. :o)

I’m in Suburbia (surrey) not worth moving here! The hospital I use is St. Peter’s, the nurses they have are fab. Consultants, specialists (lol) and waiting times are poor at best. Other services in area, like Physio and OT are good. just avoid St Peters at all costs. Its not a bad place to live if you like subagatory!!

Australia is excellent

We have terrific MS care nearly everywhere and good Disability Support
The only problem is our Immigration Laws won’t let you in since you DO have a disability


Wow, thanks for all the replies already!

I’m tempted by Scotland, but I have to confess to preferring it a wee bit warmer than it tends to be there. Maybe I need to man up a bit :o)

I doubt I’ll be heading quite as far as Australia, even if they’d have me :o)

Anyone know anything about what it’s like in Dorset? Or the Lake District? Or Somerset? So many possibilities!!!

Hi PJ’s,

Lake district is covered by Cumbria health service - nice new neurologist came about 2 year ago, made a point of seeing all his patients. 2 MS nurses easy to contact. Neuro physios great help.

Lake District is beautiful - plenty of water both in lakes and from the sky! Also South lakes is near the sea.

Or you can go to Kenal or Newcastle for MS treatment.

Happy home hunting.


county durham. i go to the rvi in newcastle. see my neuro once a year and have an ms nurse which i also see once a year…ms clinic just started at my local hospital which i recieved a letter on saturday with my first appointment for there. no complaints from me and we have some real nice places around the county. property prices are very reasonable too.

I live in Clevedon, North Somerset. It is a seaside town. I love living here. It is about 6 miles from Bristol, 10 miles from Weson super mare. I have a really good Neuro based in the BRAMs centre in Bristol, who keep in good contact with my local GP. I can ring for an appointment on the day if I am having a relapse and need treatment. All the MS nurses are fab and mostly easy to get hold of and all the staff in the centre are fantastic! No complaints frm me at all :))

I’d say look at wirral too. Lots of countryside and a nice seafront. Just over the river mersey from Liverpool and the Walton centre

Hi - how about Devon? Beautiful countryside/seaside and Exeter has 5 neuro consultants, a MS specialist nurse and an MS Centre which offers things like massage, physio etc etc. Plus I’ve been very happy with the care of my local GP

H x


I’m in Reading, the hospital (Royal Berks) is close to the town centre and they have a good MS nurse team there, I’ll be honest I don’t know too much about the neuro team other than mine’s specialist area is actually strokes but he’s been good. There’s an MS centre and there’s a group MSquared but not had a chance to go to their meet ups yet. We live on the outskirts (Ryeish Green) and it’s quite rural yet we’re only 15 mins in the car to the town centre :slight_smile: Oh, and we have quite a big festival each year :wink:

Sonia x

Hi also live in west Cumbria , Whitehaven is right on the coast. I can recommend the care from the neurologists team from consultant to the two MS Nurses. Local branch of Ms society meets once a fortnight we are a friendly bunch. You can also access consultants at Newcastle. Housing is reasonably priced both to buy or rent. Hope you find this useful. Juanle X.

I live on the North Norfolk coast which is beautiful and fairly flat so that’s a bonus for trying to walk :wink:

Oddly enough I have to cross the border to see my neuro in Cambridge (it all depends on your postcode around here!) but he is excellent as are the whole team at Addenbrooke’s. There is a team of nurses that will always get back to me within 24 hours if I have any questions. The local MS nurse is about 25 miles away but it takes her a good 40 minutes to travel to me if I need her (and that’s on a good day without the holiday traffic) and I usually have to wait about a week for an appointment as she covers a large, rural area. I don’t tend to bother with her. My GPs don’t know too much about MS but I’m working on that :wink:

We do have a good local MSS branch network with monthly socials and other regular activities. We even had an area fun day at the zoo this year which was a huge success.

Housing prices vary depending on how close you want to be to the sea, of course. Some of the properties are ridiculously priced for the square footage purely due to their location.

Tracey x