What's it like where you live?

Hi PJs

Like Sonia I am in Reading and yes we have an excellent team of 3 MS nurses. We have a specialist MS neuro who also covers Oxford, and a Rehab team too - as I’m SPMS (albeit progressing slowly) I have been referred to the Rehab consultant for my next hospital appointment - I’ve heard he is very nice. The MS Society works closely with the MS nurses to offer support to people with MS including running Getting to Grips with diagnosis courses. There are also specialist neurophysios at the Royal Berks though I think you are limited to 6 sessions if referred

The MSquared group to which Sonia refers is actually part of the local MS Society branch and attracts the more recently diagnosed/younger/livelier members of the branch -it meets twice a month at both lunchtime and evening and runs occasional outings/other events. The branch also runs hydrotherapy classes, owns a holiday chalet which is rented out to those affected by MS , owns a minibus and a wheelchair accessible vehicle which can be loaned out, and runs a drop-in centre for the more disabled as well as a partners and carers group.

As Sonia mentions, there is also a very good MS Therapy centre in Reading with an excellent team of specialist physios, other therapists, and very friendly staff and volunteers. I acquired my F.E.S. through the Therapy centre (with funding) - the Orthotics dept at the Royal Berks were not able to offer this.

Whilst Reading itself might not be what you are looking for there are plenty of semi-rural villages on the outskirts which might be suitable though it is not the cheapest area for buying property.

I do hope you find your ideal location -good luck!



Thanks again everyone. It’s been a brilliant help and I truly appreciate it. THANK YOU!!! xxx

How interesting reading about the varying levels of care and support we all experience. It really is a bit of a lottery eh? I live in South Lakeland which is an area in Cumbria and the care here is brilliant. MS nurse is really caring and often picks up her phone straight away and always contacts you the same day. (a huge contrast to my last large teaching hospital based MS nurse!) She also does home visits and has been ringing and popping in to check I’m ok after a recent viscious relapse. The neurologist is lovely and very easy to access and the range of treatments on offer is immense (I’ve just moved from copaxone to Gilyena). There’s also a neuro physio specialist, a brilliant OT, continence nurse, active local group, MS funded hydrotherapy and therapy sessions and the list goes on. Oh and it’s a beautiful place to live too! Only downside is the hills are a bit of a bugger if you are in a self propelling wheelie like me! Good luck with your search xx

I’m in Bath and have relatively easy access to both BRAMS centre at Frenchay and MS Therapy Centre at Warminster. The first is good - see different consultants but nurses are fab so it balances - and the second is excellent, really supportive. No coast here sadly - Bath would be perfect if it had a beach! Cornwall’s only 3 hours away…