Thinking of Moving to Norfolk

Hi All,

Hope you are all as well as you can be.

This is really aimed at anybody living in the Norfolk area. We are considering moving to Norfolk but I’m a little concerned about the health care treatment of ms there. Are there any specialist neuro’s around, ms nurses you can get hold of and what are the social services like?

Any answers greatly appreciated.



Hi Janet Depends where in Norfolk. I’m in Suffolk on the border. I was with the Norfolk & Norwich hospital but have just changed to one where my local neuro nurse can contact them quicker to get answers. I have also just seen a consultant really quickly there rather than registrars. I haven’t any experience of services elsewhere but my main contact is the nurse who is really helpful. I’m also not on any drugs so don’t know how that will go. My mum has arthritis and she lives in London. She was concerned she may not get funding for her jabs here but her GP said it would be easier anywhere out of London so hopefully you won’t have too much trouble x

Hi Janet,I live in Norwich.I have a MS nurse at the Norfolk & Norwich Hospital,and when I started on Rebif I have a specialist nurse I see as well.


Hi Janet,

I live just outside Norwich and go to the NNUH ( Norfolk & Norwich University Hospital ) about my ms. Have a look at the nnuh website, there are a couple of neuro consultants who specialise in ms, the names that spring to mind are Dr Martin Lee and Simon Shields.

I think there are 4 specialist neuro nurses at the moment and they know about all different neuro diseases, i.e MS, Parkinsons etc. Contacting them is a bit hit and miss but they do have direct dial numbers or some of them have their own secretaries you can speak to. Usually if you leave a message, some action will be taken by them.

There is also an ms society branch in Norwich and most Gp surgeries have contact details for community physiotherapists if needed.

If you are moving to the Kings Lynn or Great Yarmouth district then I assume you will be under the Queen Elizabeth or the James Paget hospitals respectively, I’m afraid I don’t know anything about the services they provide in respect to ms.

I’m sorry but I can’t provide any info on social services as I’ve never had to use them yet. Norfolk County Council website might be a good place to start as to what services are available.

Hope this helps.


Thank you all for taking the trouble to reply, it has put my mind at rest and I appreciate you giving me the info’.