any one from Harrogate?

Hi, is anyone in the harrogate area? I’ve been told there is no ms care for this area and I would have to see a neuro in york and then I’d have access to ms care and an ms nurse. Problem is I like and trust my neuro in harrogate? Anyone else found a way around this where I can get help and support ? Lynn

Hi Lynn,

Sorry to hear of your plight. Have you tried the MS support line or even tried social services. Ask your local gp where you can find help, he/she should be able to steer you in the right direction. Hope you find help soon, wishing you the best of luck.



York neuros are rubbish!! I’m soon to be reffered to Leeds! Good luck with getting some help.


Thanks for the replies. I’ll give york a miss then. Let me know how you get on at leeds.

I live in the Harrogate area, got diagnosed just before Christmas last year, but as I don’t fit the NICE critieria, nothing has happened, no treatment, no MS Nurse, no nothing, other than a follow up appointment sometime in 2013.

A friend with MS in the York area had nothing but bad things to say about his MS treatment in York, and has since switched to Leeds (Dr Lilley I think).

I bet I know who it is ozrics. There is only one decent Neuro there and she has nothing to do with the ms side of things. Can you not ring harrogate and push for something else to be done? Xxx