Where to buy Vitamins D3 & B12

I am about to run out of my vitamins and cannot buy the same again from the same supplier.

I am taking 5000iu D3 and Vitamin B12 1000iu.

Does anybody know of a company that supplies quality vitamins?

There are a lot of dodgy companies and brands out there.

I have secondary progressive MS.

Thank you all

I always buy solgar vitamins,i’ve found the cheapest place to buy is from amazon

Amazon for me too. Not too pricey and as far as I know they are OK.


i bought D3 5000iu from BULKPOWDERS.COM.

I got B12 from amazon.

Based in the UK and free postage. I`m going to give them a go

They do B12 supplements as well.

Amazon Uk have stopped selling Vitd3 over 1,000ius - apart from the spray type which is 3,000ius. The last lot of Vitd3 l bought was from Nutra-Vita website. l buy the 10,000ius Softgels 365 - l think they were £7.99 - l bought 4 and it was p&p free. They arrived the next day.

Troohealth are good to.

Amazon now list several different suppliers of the Healthy Origins brand - either 2000iul or 2400iu - but there are several others around. Just do a Google search for Healthy Origins D3 2400iu. I found four that are cheaper than Amazon.
No doubt there are other brands as well, but I have always used Healthy Origins.
My MS nurse said one cap in the summer and two in the winter, but you do want to get your level checked regularly.


I get my vit D from my GPs surgery… can be reasonably sure you’re getting the kosher stuff that way, and they can keep an eye on the levels as well.

Edited to add: the ones from GP are a company called Synergy Biologics.

Zipvit are a good source too and quite cheap

Like others, I get my Lamberts Vitamin D3 1000 iu 120 capsules from my GP’s surgery.


Valuepak from the doctor’s pharmacy!

A tub of 60 tablets (1000iu) costs me about £1.50.

Now I know that I don’t have to spend stupid money on vitamins! Check them out on the internet.


PS: ​Just to add, they appear to supply Valupak things on a site called Pharmacy First.