vitamin d 5000

Hi everyone from a wet scotland.I am taking vitamin d3 5000 and have found it really expensive to buy just wondered if anyone can give me any ideas where I can get it a bit cheaper. I know I can get them online but there is so many different choices don’t know which one to pick.Any ideas would be great.

Anne x

I ordered these last time and they seem ok.

I get my vitamins and supplements from Last week I got Vit D3, 5000iu for 180 softgels cost me £8.42, this lasts half a year. The good thing thing you can phone them to order and they are very efficient.

my doc perscribes me vit d 30,000 tabs and i take one a week.

For some years l have got my Vitamin d3 capsules from amazon - Healthy Origins Softgels 350 - for £15 - l get the 10,000ius - they do other strengths - but with the 10,000ius. lf you can take them every other day for a lower dose. ln winter l take 20.000ius daily - have my levels checked by CityAssays Lab in B/ham. Still cannot get over 98nmols. And l am outdoors alot - always got a decent tan!

They no longer seem to be listed by Amazon, so changed brand.

i just googled healthy origins and they are still there.

carole x

I got mine from them too but the 5,000 and 10,000 iu seem to have disappeared from Amazon lately. Never mind, I have over a year’s supply anyway.

I purchased some of the Healthy Origins 5000iu strength 360 soft gels last Monday from ebay and they were delivered on Tuesday!! all for the total cost of £11.50. Think the seller was blue herb or something.

I did look on Amazon but couldn’t see any listed, the funny thing is though, I bought them from ebay but they arrived in amazon packaging.

Good service and price though.

Hello again I just wanted to thank everyone for there posts it was a great help I ordered healthy origins 5000iu from eBay last night a bargain for 11.50

Thanks again Anne.

l remember saying a few years ago - that the MS Society should invest in Vitamin d3 - buy shares. Lets hope supply keeps up with demand. l am off to look on ebay as well. Thanks for that Number 08 and Annie57.

I have been taking Vitamin D since my neuro prescribed it when I was diagnosed earlier this year.

I understand that vitamin D is a common deficiency for people with MS - but why is that and what is the effect?

Answers on a postcard please…

Thank you


I get Vit D on the prescription


I get vit D 5000 units on script, consultant instructed g.p to prescribe on diagnosis. I do believe we’re supposed to have regular blood tests to check levels as too much can be bad for the kidneys, currently looking into with Dr Google.

What I did notice is I tan really quickly being out in the sun since starting on them, or maybe it’s just that my body just stays put these days cause its just too much work to move.


My Dr prescribes me a 100,000 iU ampule on a 3 monthly basis, don’t know if it helps but keeps my vit d levels up.