Vitamin D3 Online

Hi can anyone tell me if and where they buy there Vit D online, I’m struggling to find a supplier locally! Im a bit worried about buying it online as I don’t know if it would be a reputable company I’d be getting it from. Would like to get some ordered today so thanx in advance :slight_smile: … Laine x

Hi Laine,

I get mine from amazon. They have all the different doses. Not too bad on price either and some are free delivery. Will take a couple of days though to arrive.

Teresa. x

Thanx so I’d be safe enough buying them through Amazon then! Laine x

Hi Laine,

Natures Best do doses upto 1000ius, but Big Vits do upto 5000ius.


I have heard quite a few people in the past say on here that they got ‘healthy origins’ vit d3 at amazon so thats where i went for mine.

They are fine. I take 5000iu softgels but there are other choices.

best wishes

Teresa. x

Phew thanx just ordered them 360 tabs for £10, my last ones were £20 for 60!! Healthy Origins must remember the name for next year! Thank you for taking time to reply :slight_smile: Laine x

I have just got the healthy origins of amazon. They were just over a tenner for a years worth. Thats 5,000IU.

I was told about them from a few people on here x

Thank you babylove that’s what I’ve ordered :slight_smile: x

Sorry, didn’t read your previous comment

Yep Amazon, they are very safe. Also Victoria health do a high potency one, although they are a very good site they can be pricey.