vitamin d3 5000


I am looking to buy my vitamins online again they are called healthy origins vitamin d3 5000 softgels I remember I had asked last time on the forum and somebody very kindly got back to me with where is the best to buy from.

I Just like to check again as it can be difficult to know which companies are safe to purchase from.

I would be grateful of any help.


Hi Anne

I get my various supplements from a few different places - Healthspan, Big Vits or, increasingly, various sellers on Amazon. I just look for the best value (it’s never occurred to me wonder how safe a seller is - I’m very trusting!), and I’ve never had any problems.


hi, I buy my supplements from Lamberts which are better quality but their vit D the highest is; only 1,000mgs.

Amazon is probably the easiest route.

I’m with whammel on this: Healthy Origins & Amazon.

But, do get a test soon after you start, and make sure that your MS Nurse (or whoever) is aware that you are taking them.

Mine asked was I taking them and if so how much.
I said yes, and 2400iu daily, and she wanted me to double this in winter.


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I am newly diagnosed and haven’t had any mention of taking vitamins, I guess this is something that I need to look at??

On amazon - you can get the BetterYou DLUX vitamin d3 oral spray. You just spray it into your mouth - minty taste - it is better absorbed into the bloodstream then taking the pills/softgels, as they are passed through the ‘gut’ and most is not utilised. The spray is only 3,000ius - but as 98% is absorbed it is better. They also do one for infants - fruit flavoured.

For testing - l prefer to use the CityAssays Lab B/ham - it is a postal service - just a pinprick test. And is much more comprehensive then doing it at the GP’s. l think it now costs £28. You need to get your levels up to 150/225 nmols.

Don’t forget to keep up with all the B vits - especially B12. As for some unknown reason - we with MS - do not absorb these vits enough and need high doses.

B12 and D3; i take 1000 and 4000IU daily, respectively

Am I the only one who has a problem with buying from Amazon, who pay hardly any tax and have a reputation for treating their employees like sh*t? I buy my 5000iU Vitamin D from Nature’s Remedy.

Hi Sewingchick I was feeling the same as you about Amazon not paying tax. Then my mum mentioned a few months ago they are now paying tax.

I get my D3 on prescription from my GP. That way I can be reasonably certain what the stuff is - and also I don’t have to use Amazon which I’m a bit iffy about for the reasons everyone else has said! I know they claim they’re treating the staff better and paying tax, but if I don’t have to use 'em, I still prefer not to…

Fracastorius (Jane)

Hi all, I have never been advised by my MS team or GP to take vitamins. Do you recommend them and what benefits to MS do they have? Thanks


I just wanted to thank everyone for all your replys it’s been a great help.

I have just one more question for whammel it is the link for amazon do you know if the gel tablets are ultra potency with no GMO or high potency which I didn’t realize you could get.

My last lot of gels tub has address in america of healthy origins I noticed your link has a address in Britain for healthy origins.I am just wondering if that is where the difference lies

I know I am probably being silly but I just would like to take the same as I have been.

Thanks again Anne.x

To be honest, I am not remotely as thorough as you and just looked up the brand you asked about on Amazon UK. The American site does have “ultra potency”, but they are more expensive and guess they must be different.

Assuming you ordered on Amazon before, then just log in and check “your orders” for a history of past activity. This will confirm exactly what you ordered before.

Hi again whammel

Thats the problem hubby can’t find any past orders on amazon.

Thanks anyway for your help.