Vitamin d3

Hi everybody.

i know everyone is really busy just now but I have a quick question to ask.

like I am sure a lot of people on here will be the same as me and take vitamin D3 5000iu.

my question is that I normally have been taking Healthy Origins vitamin D3 5000iu have ran out I seem to be

having problems buying it through amazon uk site where i usually get them from I just wondered if anyone has bought these from any other site.

Any help would be great as you can’t be to careful where you get them from as you hear so many horror stories.

merry Christmas to everyone.


Hi Anne

Me too. I’ve ended up settling for 4000iu.


Hi Sue.

thanks for your reply.

i hope you don’t mind if I ask you is it healthy origins or another company and did you get it on amazon.

sorry to ask.



I source mine from Simply Supplements.

They seem to work. My most recent blood test, in November, showed a Vitamin D3 content of 201 nmol/L. Barts recommend a reading of over 100 but less than 250.


I buy from lamberts because their supplements are good quality and are high strength.

I buy from as they’re stuff is very good quality



The brand is Innopure, yes from Amazon, I’m not at all sure whether they’re any good. How can you tell?

I just don’t tend to buy from physical shops. I was really quite miffed when the Healthy Origins 5000 iu vanished!


Not used this place for a few years, but they appear to stock your usual brand.


Troo Health care are very good for 5000iu of vit D 3


I was in Holland and Barrett today looking for some vitamin D to help me cope with a current relapse and I found BetterYou Dlux3000 vitamin D spray.

It has the advantage of getting it directly into the bloodstream. The lady that sold it to me said I could take multiple sprays in one day when i explained about my MS.

The packet says 3000 IU 75ug.

I presume this means that each spray contains 3000 IU of vit D? The woman said there’s no problem for me to take 3/4 sprays a day. Presumably that would give me 9000/12000 IUs of Vit D. Is that right?


Swanson’s 5000iu. Really good. I wouldn’t use Holland and Barrett’s tablets. Not very good.