Where have my feet gone?!

I’ve been suffering the heat badly the last couple of days. I love it on holiday but there’s a cool pool to retreat to and air conditioning, trying to carry on everyday life is difficult. Apart from worsening of symptoms including pain I now have the strangest feelings in my feet, they feel like they are made from leather, I can hardly move my toes and can’t feel the bottom of my feet either. Is this MS or could it be diabetes? Any ideas?

hi judy

this heat is unbearable, i haven’t had a good night’s sleep since it started.

see a podiatrist as soon as possible.

if you have diabetes you will know how important it is to look after your feet.

also email or phone your ms nurse.

carole x

Hi Carole

Thanks for your advice. Luckily I’m only borderline diabetic so don’t take insulin and have had a foot check with my practice nurse recently so I’m hoping it’s not a circulation problem. I’m certainly going to speak to my neuro nurse tomorrow and have an appointment with the podiatrist next week. I’m certainly happier in the cooler weather we are having today.

Judy x

i feel guilty for wishing the rain on us!

You should do. All that time spent at your crystal ball, plotting and spell casting. ‘Wishing’ indeed.


Blasted feet! I have been swearing at mine for the last 40 minutes. I love the heat, it is the only time I really feel well but yes, my feet are not behaving at the moment too. I have a small ball that I am supposed to do hand and lower arm exercises with to awaken bits that go to sleep. I find it useful to also use the ball under my foot, pushing it back and forth. Sometimes it doesn’t seem to do much and I don’t do it that often, but it helps a little. The next day I can feel my little toes a bit more than usual.

My footwear helps, I only wear Softlites sandles because they are lightly supported and have a bit of shaped padding. Hope this helps. Oh, I go for a massage about twice a year mainly to help release the bits that don’t work i.e. neck stiff, back and feet. If I am really bad I just go for a back massage, once I had to sit up and lean over the chair as I couldn’t lie down, but even that worked, it relaxed things and my legs and feet benefited.

I have found that I don’t feel things in my feet most of the time so for me, even if my feet are stiff but feel ok, it is very bad for me to let them get cold. If they get cold and I don’t realise, I am heading for a fall. So they remain a bit pampered and as soon as the temperature gets around 10 degrees, they are covered at all times. That is my cut off point. Hope that helps.