Where has everything gone?!?!?!

Have I logged in too early or something?
Where is everything?!


Just got on myself - can you be a bit more specific?


Greg [admin]


I can't see anything except your comment too



OMG here we go again lol

jaki xx

HANG ON! I can see them - there's a permission issue. Give us a couple of minutes.




OK - the system's just gone live and the permissions are being rebuilt - posts will appear over thirty minutes. 

Be cool people! This can't be done until AFTER its live. Unavaoidble.




Oh.... I must be too old for this, haven't got a clue again what I am doing!confused



I am trying to see If I can post a message


Yes you can


Yes you can




Can I post?

Yes I can... 

Right, off to sort out an avatar.


Greg, when you go to log in there is a little, rather badly placed, button beside the log in button called Forum Home. When you click it brings you to the forum but unlogged in. If you click the log in buttton you then go to your homepage (whatever that is supposed to be for) and have to scroll down to My Support and then find Forums. Can this be streamlined a bit better?


Also can we have the red wiggly lines for spell checker put back in the posting box please?


Otherwise so goodish so far. I am glad to see the alternating colour bands breaking up the posts. Easier on the eye but it is a shame we seem stuck with MS orange and miserable grey. It is not a very cheery looking site and the orange is still very jarring against the white. Sorry to start with grumbles; I'll go and explore and give you more feed back later.




Belinda happy2

Hi Greg et alhello

the Edit profile option  (found under  My Account) doesn't seem  to be working

although I may be doing something wrong


My profile

there is no

Edit profile option


Private messages:

Will you be adding an



sent folder


as my memory is not the best and I won't remember if I have sent a message or notconfused