Where is my post?

I put my first post on here earlier today, how can I find it/where has it gone!

Hi Hazel,

That's weird - I remember seeing your post, but now can't find it either.

I'm not sure if I'm going mad!

Can only suggest you PM Greg, or one of the staff, or use the "Contact us" facility, to ask if there was a problem with it.

On this new forum, there is no facility to search for own or anyone else's posts, although you can search for a word that was in it, if you can rememember what you typed.

I don't know if your post may have been considered "risky", because it dealt with the outcome of court proceedings.

Alternatively, very occasionally, a post or two has been deleted by accident.

I'll probably find out in a minute I just wasn't looking hard enough (been a long day).  But for the moment, I can't see it.



You're not going mad Hazel - because l replied to it. So where has it gone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Maybe the mods are prooving they are there by removing it!

Do you think I've upset them already or do you think it's because I upset one or maybe two before, saying that I did go off the rails a bit with all the stress but that's no excuse.






This happened to me, a while ago i emailed Greg and he got it back on for me.


jaki  xx

Oh well, maybe it's under a pile of something or other, never mind.



Multi-tasking ?

It dropped to the end of the thread list because there's a problem with the time settings on Liz's reply. It should be back near the top now.

Greg [admin]